I Have Comments After Visiting Your Website

Lester D.K. Chow
I Have Comments After Visiting Your Website
Mon Sep 13, 2004 19:05

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Subject: I Have Comments After Visiting Your Website
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2004 11:01:47 -1000
From: Lester D.K. Chow and Associates lchow@lava.net
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To: wo_to_co@yahoo.com
Subject: A Letter From China's Head of State

I am, by the history of China and by China's official Han-Chinese
Imperial succession, China's current succession Emperor and
thereby head of state of China in exile. My family came to this
country in 1871 with the arrival of my grandfather as a 10 year old
boy. My father and I were born here. For the past three
generations, my family has been employed with the Navy at
Pearl Harbor Shipyard here in Hawaii. We are loyal Americans,
who are of the Christian faith, we are not Communist, we are and
China is not part of some perceived axis of evil. If you look for
the bad in people, you will find it. If you look for the good in
people, you will find it. It all depends on how you see the world.
I would rather look for the good in people and work with people
of goodwill, then to pretend that the entire world is evil and be the
big cowboy protecting the world against imaginary enemies or
creating enemies that are not really there.

I do not like President Bush, because of his lies and failures.
I do not like Senator Kerry, because of his lies and failures.

I feel that people like yourself should publish the truth, because
the press will not publish these things!!!

Senator Kerry has a lot to hide and if confronted, he refuses to
come clean! You can fault him on many things. The Swiftboat
ads were truthful as was Senator Zell Miller, yet because the
Kerry people denied those allegations, the general public does
not know what to believe. Zell Miller's argument was quite
emotional, yet his arguments were truthful.

President Bush, too, has a lot to hide. The Bush administration
is responsible for the Iraq war and the deaths of 1.6 million Iraqi
people, men, women, elderly, and children! Our nation is a
mass murder for the sake of oil and this war was done based
on the perceptions of a few men in high places.

In the Summer of 1990, then-President Bush had promised me
Secret Service protection, actually he said that he would give
serious consideration towards the official recognition of my
heritage and status as China's exiled head of state, which
would qualify me for Secret Service protection. I am a victim
of multiple beatings by our local and State police as well as
two possible assassination attempts by unknown thugs. In
the Fall of 1990, when the alleged invasion of Kuwait took place,
I wrote letters to then-President Bush and the matter of my
protection was dropped.

A False Invasion
Our nation has the legal authority to act, if any nation
committed an act of naked aggression against another.
This was not the case with Iraq.

We conspired with Kuwait to manipulate the price of oil,
which had the effect of destroying Iraq's war-torn economy.
When Iraq marched its army into Kuwait in a policing
action, we charged Iraq with an act of naked aggression.
Our allies or friends like Ahmed Chalebi, who we paid
millions for intelligence information, falsified a lot of
facts concerning the invasion, like non-existent rapes, etc.
When you hire unscrupulous people, who have a grudge
against Saddam, likely they will produce false facts to
have Saddam's regime destroyed.

Iraq never invaded a foreign nation as Kuwait legally
belongs to Iraq. In the mid-1700s, a tribe from Jordan
migrated up the Saudi coast into Kuwait (Jordan family).
These people raided Jewish caravans for a living. As
their reward for helping the British get rid of the Ottoman
Turks, the British gave the Saba family the territory of
Kuwait, which was not theirs to give.

Prior to 1990, the US government conspired with
Kuwait to manipulate the price of oil. The American
purpose was to destroy the war-torn economy of
Iraq, an ally of ours. As it was Iraq that helped us
fight against Iran in order to keep oil shipping lanes
free from terrorism!!! Exactly, who is a terrorist! Iran
is when we don't like them. Iraq is when they have
outlived their usefulness.

Iraq marched its army into Kuwait as a policing action
and when we confronted them and asked them to leave
they wanted a better government regime, a more
honest regime in Kuwait, before they left. We, our
government intentionally and blindly, denied their request!
Saddam prior to November 1990 had agreed to a
withdrawal of his troops from Kuwait (legally a province
of Iraq's) and had via his Washington DC Embassy agreed
to terms set up by my family's political negotiation firm.
Saddam agreed to withdraw/negotiate his army's
withdrawal on terms that were fair, but our government
REFUSED!!! These facts somehow never makes the

Our government is criminal in many things and the Bush
administration should be prosecuted for its many crimes
and as traitors to our nation and Constitution as criminals
who committed acts of high treason, bringing about a
false war that killed 1.6 million innocent Iraqi lives! All done
for oil and based on false or flawed perceptions. 1.6 million
innocent people killed, because it was willed by people in
high places in Washington DC and no one could do anything
to put a stop to this!

I am willing to testify as to the facts, if Congress wished,
but no one in Congress was willing to bring about an
indictment against the President. All Resolutions, thereby,
gotten at the UN and approval gotten at Congress were done
by intent and by a false set of facts!

When is someone going to expose these wrongs!???

President Saddam had agreed to a withdrawal, pending
some sort of agreement as to the facts, but we (our
government) was too wise and had no intention to negotiate
as we wanted Saddam destroyed! We are the evil ones
here and not Saddam Hussein. Chalabi's people had falsely
claimed that Saddam had killed millions of Iraqis, although
that was not the case (about 18,000 Kurds were killed in an
effort to restore order in Iraq).

Bush and company should be exposed and indicted as war
criminals (yes, Bush did know) and no one should vote for
Kerry. By bringing about an indictment and by exposing the
truth about Kerry, other people running for office will wise up
and know that you can not get away with high crimes and
that the President is NOT above the law! This is very
important in a democracy and free society. By making the
above corrections, we say to the world that we are a nation
of laws and this is the right step in restoring our nation's
good name and image before the world. We wrote to Kerry,
since November 2003 and many times to him as a Senator
and to other US Senators and Representatives to inform
them about the facts of this war, he wasn't interested in the
facts and seemed only interested in getting elected by
being on the winning side. If the war was popular, he
supported the war. If the polls or majority of the people
were against the war, then Senator Kerry was against the
war! Kerry flip-flops on issues! He has no guts, nor integrity
to stand his ground and be on solid footing! Kerry should
NEVER be our next President, due to his lack of integrity.
He can not be trusted!

I hope that you find my letter interesting. If you have any
questions, please feel free to write.


HIM Yao Sui, Emperor of China
and Son of Heaven (living in
temporary exile in the United States
of America),

Younger cousin of the late Premier
Zhou Enlai; younger cousin by
marriage-ties to the late Chiang
Kai-shek and the late Sun Yat-sen;
8th generation descendant of Chang
Cheng-kung (Koxinga); 5th generation
descendant of Lum Tse Hsu,
Governor-General of Hunan and Hubei
provinces, Imperial Commissioner in
charge of banning opium; grandnephew
of the late Henry P'u Yee
Aisin-Gioro, last Emperor of China
(Ch'ing Dynasty); great-grandson of
Chow P'an Lung; 3rd generation
Chinese-American; China's current
Emperor, head of state of China by
virtue of title; and China's Son of

Second-nephew of the late John
Magoon, former president of Hawaiian
Airlines, who is a descendant of
Chun Afong, Hawaii's first Chinese
millionaire (the Magoon, Ward, and
Hustace families are wealthy
kamaaina families descendants of
Chun Afong and Hawaiian nobility;
fourth-nephew of the late U.S.
Senator Hiram L. Fong (R); and
nephew to the current U.S. Senator
Daniel K. Akaka (D), by way of
Jeffery Akaka's marriage to Gail

Great-great-grandson of Chun Afong.

Second-cousin of Ralphael
Kealohanui, a 4th generation
line-descendant of Kamehameha III.

28th generation descendant of
Tamucin (Genghis Khan).

90th generation descendant of
China's patriarchal emperor
Huang Di.

Three generations in my family have
loyally worked at Pearl Harbor Naval
Shipyard. My maternal grandfather
was a shipbuilder or carpenter, my
father was a radio operator, and I
worked there as a military housing

Chou Dynasty Clan and Family Genealogy:
Imperial China: A Chinese History in the State of Hawaii
H325.251C Hawaii State Library

Lester D.K. Chow and Associates, International Political Consultants
and Conflict Resolution Specialists. Official representative for
China's Imperial family (for members who reside abroad in the United
States of America). Negotiators in the Iraq crisis from 1990 to
date. http://lchow.webvis.net/temp.html

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