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Charlie Voss, a former employee at the Huffman Aviation flight training school in Venice, florida where some of the terrorists trained, said "two students -Mohamed Atta and Marwan Alshehhi" -- had arrived from Germany in July 2000.

As investigative journalist Barry Hopsicker (-> found out in late 2001, the official hijacker flight school, owned by Rudi Dekkers, had ties to the CIA: "The CIA's links to Dekkers surfaced when an unknown company called Britannia Aviation was mysteriously awarded a five-year contract to run a large regional maintenance facility at the Lynchburg Virginia Regional Airport. At the time of the award virtually nothing was known about Britannia except that the company worked out of a hangar at Rudi Dekkers Huffman Aviation at the Venice, Florida airport. But when Britannia was chosen over a respected and successful Lynchburg company boasting a multi-million dollar balance sheet and more than 40 employees, aviation executives there began voicing concerns to reporters at the local newspaper... " Later it was discovered that Britannia Aviation is a company with virtually no assets, employees, or corporate history. Moreover, the company did not even possess the necessary FAA license to perform the aircraft maintenance services for which it had just been contracted by the city of Lynchburg.

/ The report about Huffman was picked up by Online Journal
http://www.onlinejournal/Special_Reports/Hopsicker030202/hopsicker030202.html (See Nicole Antini)

Hopsicker continued with his investigation on Huffman Aviation and Rudi Dekkers. Britannia executive Marten reassured those in attendance that at Huffman's hangar at the Venice Airport they had for some time been successfully providing aviation maintenance services for Caribe Air, a Caribbean carrier.

Today Caribe Air is controlled by an offshore bank located on the Caribbean island of Dominica, Banc Caribe, a private bank In March 2002, Rudi Dekkers changed his original story. The chief flight instructor at neighboring Jones Aviation in Sarasota, where Atta and Marwan trained for six weeks, insisted in an exclusive interview with the MadCow Morning News that Dekkers was flat out wrong when he told reporters that Mohamed Atta already had a private pilot's license when he entered the U.S. Dekkers now said, that Atta and Marwan didn't start flight training until August 30th, 2001 at the earliest, seven weeks later than he stated in the aftermath of September11th. That would mean, Atta had now only 10 days time left to learn how to crash his plane into the Twin Towers.

As Hopsicker reported: "Left out of most news accounts is is the fact Siad Al-Jarrah learned to fly next door to Dekker's operation at a second flight school, that of Arne Kruithof, like Dekker's a native of the Netherlands. Hopsicker revealed that in fact it was Dekkers assistant Nicole Antini, who filled out Attas and Marwan Al-Shehis visa requests.

Furthermore Antini was being sexually harassed by Rudi Dekkers, "according to a lawsuit for sexual harassment which Dekker's was forced to settle recently for an undisclosed sum". What speaks for Hopsicker is the fact, that he released the story on the Visas and Antini already months before it was published in some mainstream papers. Onlinejournal reported already in October 2001: "...Two weeks before the World Trade Center attack she filed suit to force him to enforce the settlement of a sexual harassment charge. Dekkers agreed to settle for $15,000.."

Hopsicker speculated, if Rudi Dekkers and Arne Kruithof worked for the CIA as well. In March 2002, INS Commissioner James Ziglar, Huffman Aviation President Rudi Dekkers, Tom Blodgett, Managing Director of Business Process Solutions at Affiliated Computer Services;
and Mr. Michael Cutler, INS Special Agent testified on the visa story of Atta. (Atta, Visa ->)

In early March 2002, Huffman Aviation International received notice from the INS that the student visa applications from known 9/11 terrorists Atta,Mohammad and Marwan Al-Shehhi had been approved. This embarrassing incident raises many troubling questions about INS management and whether the INS is up to the challenge of both processing immigration applications as well as fulfilling its border security responsibilities. Hopsicker continued with his investigation. He found out, that Dekkers had a business partner named Richard Boehlke.

Hopsicker stated that Boehlke stands accused of participating in a fraud using $25 million to build a condominium project which actually cost only $12.5 million. It appeared that Boehlke is linked to a firm called Capital Consultants, which is headed by Jeff Grayson. Grayson disappeared in 2000 after $355 MILLION went missing from Capital's investment fund. Aside from Boehlke, there is another man connected to Capital Consultants: Alvin Malnik. Alvin has been called Meyer Lansky's heir in the organized crime biz.

As Hopsicker found out, Alvin's son "is married to the daughter of a leading Prince of the Middle Eastern kingdom's founding family." This was based on an report by Herb Mallard of National Press, the Palm Beach Post and picked up at "Alvin Malnik, the man once regarded as the heir apparent to mobster Meyer Lansky, ... described by federal authorities as a top associate of organized crime figures ...

Among his friends, Malnik counts Saudi royalty. His son once married a princess descended from the Middle Eastern kingdom's founding family. Malnik runs a national chain of loan stores... ...In 1962, Malnik was listed as a director of the Bank of World Commerce, a Bahamas-based institution that involved 'some of the nations' top gangsters,' ...

In 1978, a Bahamian company named Appolonia Investment Limited paid $3.35 million to buy the property just north of Malnik's Ranch. Malnik and the prince -- a son of King Abdul Aziz, the founder of modern Saudi Arabia -- once lived in neighboring condos in the Cricket Club. Malnik's son ... would later change his name from Mark to Shareef and marry into the royal Saud family. Meyer Lansky was known as the treasurer of the US Mafia. Furthermore, the Washington Post reported already years ago: "There are other signs, though, that (Bin Ladens) network (was) ...backed by tens of millions of dollars in funds from members of the Saudi elite. U.S. Treasury Department and CIA officials recently went to Dubai to investigate reports that a bank there was funneling millions of dollars to bin Laden through Arab companies in London.

Independent Paper Regena supported Hopsickers revelations on Huffman Aviation in March 2002: "Caribe Air, in turn, has a long history of association with CIA drug-running operations out of Mena, Arkansas, and is also allegedly linked to fraudulent Enron-funded offshore investment partnerships. According to reports from Newsweek, three alleged terrorist pilots trained at the Pensacola Naval Air Station in Florida, while Knight Ridder stated that suspects Mohamed Atta, Abdulaziz Alomari, and Alghamdi,Saeed had attended various other prestigious military exchange officer's training programs. These reports were never categorically denied by US government sources. Source:

Hopsickers reports later revealed more bizarre details. Hopsicker claimed, that one name on Atta's email list, for example, "apparently worked at a Canadian company called Virtual Prototypes, whose website touts the fact that the firm helped prototype the avionics instruments in the F-15 jet fighter, the F-22 Raptor, the B2 bomber and the Apache Longbow, among others". Another address on the list,, appears to refer to, or perhaps even to be, a female suicide bomber in Chechnya. The discovery of Atta's emails came about when a local avionics salesman at Eastern Avionics sold a headset to Al-Shehhi,Marwan, authorities said, after which his email address was added to a list kept by the terrorist duo, apparently sharing a single email account.

The owner of the flight school in Venice, Wallace J. Hilliard , was in business with a key figure in the Whitewater scandal, Truman Arnold, a Bill Clinton crony from Arkansas who had been the finance chairman of the Democratic Party. Arnold's attorney in Whitewater was longtime Washington figure Richard Ben-Veniste, who was just named to sit on the 9-11 investigation panel. Hopsicker said, that he sat down with two Southern lawmen, a current sheriff and his immediate predecessor. These two guys looked him "dead in the eye and said that, based on what they have seen with a lot of CIA-connected covert operations in the area, the CIA was somehow involved in, if not responsible for, the World Trade Center attacks."

Dekkers charged in fraud case (January 2003): "According to a Venice police PCA, Dekkers, acting as president of Dekkers Aviation Group Inc., entered into a loan agreement with Kenneth Jossart on Oct. 17, 2001. The deal was brokered by a mutual business partner, Wallace Hilliard. Dekkers obtained $200,000 from Jossart and signed a promissory note indicating that this amount was due and payable on Jan. 15, 2002. To secure the loan, Dekkers, still acting as president of Dekkers Aviation Group, entered into a mortgage agreement on property at 220 E. Airport Ave., Venice. The mortgage indicated that Dekkers Aviation Group is the mortgagor and Jossart is the mortgagee.

In August 2002, Dekkers sold the building at 220 E. Airport Ave. to Triple Diamond Enterprises. As of Oct. 2, 2002, the date the PCA was signed by investigators, Dekkers had not repaid the loan to Jossart. Jossart did not received any proceeds from the sale despite having a security interest in the property under the mortgage executed by Dekkers." Source:

Dekkers story developed in 2002-2003: Reported by the Herald Tribune: Owner of flight school where terrorists studied charged with fraud State files charges against flight school owner

On January 24th, 2003, Rudi Dekkers survived a chopper crash

On February 5th, 2003, Hopsicker revealed in a new article, that four additional 9/11 terrorist suspects trained at the flight school owned by Rudi Dekkers. They fled the U.S. in haste just days before the attack, according to sources working at the school at the time. Three of the fleeing students were Saudi, say sources, while the fourth, 22-year old Marwan Mohammed Shemina, told school officials his father worked for the United Nations in Rome.
Dekkers already mentioned a "NATO"-guy in October 2001: "
... I had at the moment of a week before September 11, I had one student there with a Muslim background who broke his course
a week before September 11, stated to us that he wanted to go to Boston because he was doing a cruise or something, and he just stopped his course.

He came from England when he attended the flight course in Naples, but he lives in Italy. His father works for the NATO...
Then there was money wired to the flight school from an official address like it had to do with the NATO or something, we didn't understand it, so this was a weird situation, then the person left a week prior finishing his course to Boston and a week prior to September 11, all these things together is too many coincidences and we don't believe in coincidence any more, so I reported this to the FBI and the FBI is looking into it and the boy's name did not appear on the list of hijackers or the 19 or 21 suspects total, but he is not home yet, so it is kind of strange, very strange." (Australian Broadcasting Corp. 10/21/01)

The first new terrorist suspect who had trained with Dekkers, Turki M. Almasri, 22, a Saudi national, was named in a story in a January 2003 Washington Post article In an exclusive interview with the MadCowMorningNews, Danielle Clark, a former executive at the school, disclosed that school officials told the FBI about three more Arab student pilots, including one abruptly ceased training and disappeared under mysterious circumstances in the days immediately preceding the September 11 attack. The three include two Saudis, Kamran Hussain, traveling on a UK passport; and Ahmad Badri, who had a Swedish passport; and Marwaan Shemisi, with passports from both Italy and Libya.

In point of fact the revelation of the four additional terror suspects brings the current total of 9/11 cadre terrorists known to have been enrolled at flight schools owned by Dutch nationals Rudi Dekkers and Arne Kruithof to eight. According to Yellow Cab driver Bob Simpson and other witnesses, MadCowProd found out, that Atta,Mohammad and Rudi Dekkers had a good relationship to each other.

"They were going to a nightclub in Sarasota, talking and very sociable with each other. He and Atta were friends, you could tell." Mohamed Atta was twice seen with flight school owner Rudi Dekkers in Venice, FL. during September 2001. On September 10th 2002, Rep. Richard Shelby already said about the flight school in Florida. "there is explosive information that has not been publicly released. I think there are some more bombs out there.....I know that."

The Report publishes an edited version of the famous August 6, 2001 presidential intelligence briefing.
Here we learn the "FBI is conducting approximately 70 full field investigations throughout the U.S. that it considers Bin Laden-related." Seventy different investigations? Then let's hear about them. But the Report doesn't go there, let alone discuss FBI whistle-blowers who tried to investigate Bin Laden-related terrorists but were smacked down.
On page 247, we meet Minneapolis terrorist-to-be Zacarias Moussaoui, but not Time Person of the Year Coleen Rowley, the FBI whistle-blower who couldn't get a warrant from headquarters on him. Terrorist financing is covered, with a guileless, "We don't know exactly where the money came from" manner.

There is no mention of FBI Special Agent Robert Wright, who tracked down and seized $1.4 million of Bin Laden-related funds before 9/11. His higher-ups fought him every step of the way. After the carnage of 9/11, Wright understandably broke down and, through tears, apologized on C-SPAN to 9/11 victims' families.
"The FBI allowed 9/11 to happen," he told the world.
"FBI management intentionally and repeatedly thwarted and obstructed my investigations
into Middle Eastern terrorist financing."

Both Rowley and Wright point to the FBI's David Frasca,
the FBI's Radical Fundamentalist unit chief. After 9/11,
Frasca was promoted to #3 in charge of Domestic Terrorism. Frasca is not mentioned in this Report.

Of the many theories about 9/11, some of the best questions involve the mysterious Mohamed Atta, subject of the research of investigative reporter Daniel Hopsicker. For two years, Hopsicker tracked Atta's final moves in Florida, including his cocaine and alcohol binges with temporary girlfriend, Amanda Keller, at the time a pink-haired stripper.
The flight school that Atta happened to "choose," Huffman Aviation in Venice, also enjoys a sanitized version of its history.
Although flight-school president Rudi Dekkers has a long criminal history, and owner Wally Hilliard
has ties to GOP Bush family friend Myron DuBain, Reverend Jerry Falwell and Clinton financier Truman Arnold,
None of this makes its way into the report.
Perhaps because Commissioner Richard Ben-Veniste is featured

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