9/11 - Giuliani - fraud, coward, liar
Mon Sep 10, 2007 19:56

9/11 - Giuliani - fraud, coward, liar

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Subject: Brasscheck TV: A typical news media hero
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There are a lot of things that are
galling about media's distortions
on and after 9/11.

Turning New York mayor Rudy Giuliani
into a hero has to be one of the worst.

Far from being a hero, Giuliani'a
incompetence and cowardice caused
hundreds of unnecessary deaths that

He was then instrumental in the
destruction of critical evidence by
the selling WTC steel beams with the
help of mafia middlemen to Chinese
steel manufacturers.

Since 9/11, this pseudo-hero and key
player in the cover up has earned over
$60 million in speaking and consulting


How can this fraud be considered a serious
presidential candidate, let alone a "hero?"

- Brasscheck

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