Jeffrey Mossor
Something I saw during the 911 attacks```
Mon Sep 10, 2007 21:22

Hello, my name is Jeff. I live in Massillon, Ohio. The day of the fatal attacks, I was a mail man for the U.S.Postal serrvice, and was stationed at the Copley, Ohio post office. That fatal day, I received the most shocking phone call from my former wife about the attacks. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. She had the reciver up to to our T.V. When the order of the no fly zone over the U.S. came across the t.v., I told my wife that the sky will be full of military jets. Where I was dilivering mail is about 40 miles south of Cleveland Hopkins international airport. To my surprise, gthere was no airplane traffic at all, including military aircraft. I told myu wife that was weird, being an ex military man, and some knowledge of the air defense system for America. After talking fro several minutes and listening to the t.v., both towers were hit and were coming down and the pentegon was ht. Then other false reports came across the radio. I was standing outside of my right side drive mail vehicle whe I heard the noise. This is a noise I have heard many, many time s and could not disquish it from anything else. I told my wife I hear about two to four f=14's or f16's coming my wayt. Just after I said that, my wife said there is another flight, United 93up in the air, and was heading for the white house, according to the t.v.. As soon a she said that, came came flying so fast, and it lookied like th after burngers were kicked into high gear. They were low to the ground, maybe a thousand feet off the deck.When they flew overhead, it shook my truck and the houses's window around me, bringing people out of their house's to ask what it was. I told my wife that they are going to shoot down the United 93, because that plane will never get near the white house. She aid they wouldn't do that would they, and all the sudden she said, they said they lost contact with the united plane, and it was persumed down in pennsylavaia. I restated that those two military juets shot the cmerical plane down. My wife said I think you are right. To this day, I know in my heart that those two military jets were carrying possibly a missle, and at that speed they were ging, I couldn't get a good look, but I have seen sidewinders missles several times, on and off military juets. These two planes were on a mission, and by the look and the speed they accomplished their mission.I have told only a few about this day and what I saw, unti today. Last night I was watching a t.v. show on the history chabbel, about the facts and the conspricies of 9*11. During this show, when they came to united *93 the government said there was a stand down order for the militaery jets. I saw first hand that this was a lie from the government. Now I am really doubting the gobernment I servend in. Then
After studying the wreckage and debris from the photos on the internet, there is no way the plane could leave so little debris from a ground crash. I didn't know where to post this information, and even if it is vital to anything, ut I felt I should put out the experience I have seen on that horriffic day. IPlease excuse my typing abilities right now, I am doing it blind, I had catarac surgery to ay, and I am having trouble seeing and seeing what I have typed. Thank you, Jeffrey Mossor UNSretired



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