Seattle Bureaucratic Fraud & Identity Theft Rings
Craigslist as an Economic Indicator & Seattle Car Ranching 2
Tue Sep 11, 2007 05:24

And, the judges are all getting kick backs for rampantly jailing anyone for anything and then seizing the jailed target's homes, vehicles and even children.

Another wave of mostly ignored criminal parking, towing, and impound racketeering going on the Seattle area that also reveals that this matter is all being funded by the City of Seattle residents and forcing the local tax rates to keep going up and up.

A local parking, towing and impound renegade that is notorious for now being enabled to fight it out in court due to his car ranching escapades named Gene Minetti, has clamped down on the local Seattle parking racket by now having his cases for impound racketeering being observed on the part of the City of Seattle, and it's palmed greased under the table pay offs scam (on the local residents) thereof, this character named Gene Minetti now is able to get all of his cases now paid for by the local tax payers, whether he looses his cases or not. That this party named Gene Minette may or may not get his impounded cars returned he has somehow been able to figure out how to get the municipalities to pay for his claims against the local towing companies. All of Minetti's claims and or losses are all compensated via what this Minetti has figured out how to get the local tax paying citizenry to pay for his legal fees and all of his impound fees in case any of his more then forty vehicles are impounded. All paid for by the local Seattle and King County residents. Minetti is one of several known car ranchers in the Seattle King County area. As that this party named Minetti is not as flagrant as the mother of all Seattle Car Ranching named as the famed Mad Ingrid, a 72 year old car ranching maniac auto auction freak that has now bought at auction over the past three years more then three hundred and fifty mostly junked and useless automobiles. This party named Mad Ingrid Pearson who resides near the Seattle Shoreline boundary near Highway 5, has broken every parking violation known. This party has parked these many hundreds of monuments to insanity by literally plugging up all available parking for entire North Seattle neighborhoods and this party has been also fighting the Seattle towing companies tooth and nail and sometimes winning. This famed party named Ingrid is one of about five Seattle car ranchers who have been fighting the local towing and impound companies and the local Seattle and King County Parking enforcement on a regular and sometimes infamous basis. Mad Ingrid has staked out most of the Seattle as her private parking lot and this nut case has already had an estimated one hundred and forty or more cars and trucks stolen or lost to impound and no one can figure out why these car ranchers will continue to go down to the local towing yard auctions to keep restocking their parking spaces while all of the while they continue to sacrifice their vehicles to supporting most of the North Seattle crack smoking and meth heads who are hell bent on sustaining their habits and using these car ranchers parking stock to feed their drug habits. What an insane world to have to observe this and this insane Mad Ingrid has already gone through more then two hundred thousand of her retirement account and she has still not been committed. This party named Gene Minetti is a junior version of Mad Ingrid by only his car ranching being not even comparable to the extent of Mad Ingrid with his approximately and maybe thirty vehicles at any given time. And yet, Minetti is notorious for putting up a prolific fight in the Seattle and King County and Everett City local courts in fighting back on the towing ordinances. It is to be noted that Mad Ingrid has staked out most of the far North end (toward the Lake City and Shoreline areas) of Seattle that she even had the ET Towing company lose it's towing contract with the City of Seattle for one month last year. What an insane game to play in the even more insane and corrupt City of Seattle, King County, snohomish County, and the now ever more observable very quickly crumbling and disintegrating Northwest.

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