Seattle Bureaucratic Fraud & Identity Theft Rings
Craigslist as an Economic Indicator & Seattle Car Ranching
Tue Sep 11, 2007 05:01

Using the  as an economic indicator that can readily monitor what is transcending throughout the local and national economy.
Just how fast is our economic process crumbling and and what could and can be used as means of observing just how desperate people are becoming that will indicate this.

For example a party named James who lives (in the Seattle Northwest) in his vehicle(s) noted that after he had posted this add that is linked below on the Seattle Craigslist this party had observed that his listing had scrolled beyond several pages within only a matter of less then hour of his posting it as that this person wheels and deals on the Seattle Northwest Craigslisting index and he mentioned that this time last year you might get maybe four to six pages of listings per day in the Cars and Trucks index and today you will readily get more then twenty two pages or more in matter of a few hours of having posted an ad.
This ad was placed by the party named James:  and this posted ad immediately scrolled to more then twenty same day pages in the Cars and Trucks index of the Seattle Craigslisting on-line index just recently.

this party named James who is a homeless person who has lived in the Seattle Northwest for the past twenty five years and who has appeared on the Seattle Public Access Television program “Call4Investigation” several times this past four years to reveal a gigantic automobile (and linked property title fraud and identity theft operation being purportedly run by the local Northwest bureaucratic infrastructure) theft operation that is so rampant that no one could ever be able to believe how corrupt this Northwest Law Enforcement and Judicial System has become. Referencing that the Northwest as being an out and out, out of control bureaucratic judicial law enforcement MAFIA as this party claims to have been observing. Call4Investigation is one of the key Seattle Public Access cable channel broadcasts and Webcasts that is weekly televised and Webcast-ed live via streaming Windows media on  Thursdays at 5:00 pm PST that is evidently now viewed by more then nine million viewers by Webcast every Thursday.

This matter has also been actively reported on the American Voice (daily) Internet radio network and also on the “All Day Live” Seattle Public Access Televised and Webcast program: “All Day Live” Mondays at 11:00 am PST. This matter is now being brought to the attention of the  Message News Board:  and 

But this whistle blower named James has mentioned on the aire via Call4Investigation that he has observed an incredible highly organized criminal racket (auto theft and homes fraud operation) that has been on going and it is even more rampant today than three years ago that entails a theft ring that allegedly ties directly into the Seattle and King County Law Enforcement departments and to the residing alleged criminal judiciary and City, County, State Councils here in the Seattle King County and Washington State areas and all of the surrounding Western Washington State counties. Recently interviewed on the Call4Investigation program was another party named James Falkenburg whose Shoreline Washington home was literally illegally stolen by extreme fraud involving the Seattle and Shoreline police and further this outright extreme fraud and theft was even supported by the local extremely corrupt Seattle and Shoreline prosecutors offices and local bureaucratic administrations.

But more from the party and whistle blower named James, who is homeless and who lives in his automobile while once in while he is provided Long Shoring work at the Seattle freight terminals he has revealed while residing and living in his automobile mostly observing at night the corrupt Seattle and King County police and contract towing companies, and as well as the Snohomish County and regional law enforcement authorities also illegally tagging and citing tens of thousand of vehicles that includes this party named James also whistle blowing on the this rampant governmental fraud operation. This party James thus mentioned that instead of the local police and impound companies properly abiding the three day statute that allows for the owners to be able to move their vehicles, James has witnessed these corrupt law enforcement personnel working with the corrupted towing companies to then and sometimes within hours simply impounding the vehicles regardless of the three day statutes.

Consider the ramification of this incredible theft and illegal impound operation going on rampantly here in the Seattle and surrounding region that ties directly to the organized criminally run towing companies that all have a stake and a take with the payoffs involving and linking directly to the corrupt Seattle King County Law Enforcement and Judges and that involves the observed theft of literally hundreds of thousands of vehicles every year being illegally impounded here in the Seattle King County area and Western Washington.

It is to be expected that if a person has their car towed and impounded that the tow truck personnel and or the impound lot personnel will usually help themselves to whatever they want out of any impounded vehicle and there is literally no accountability by these companies to keep track or monitor the enormous amount of theft that is taking place in their jurisdiction and or under their management.

The local criminal bureaucracy as James has indicated is literally getting away with one of the largest stolen car rings in the world while also taking advantage of the extremely corrupt judicial system that takes advantage of targeting the many mostly vulnerable people who then have no means of being enabled to get their automobiles, their property or their homes back due to this law enforcement and judicial system fraud operation thus operating beyond the law and self serving as it deems necessary to rampantly consume, destroy and defraud the public as they deem necessary to destroy and then profit from their on going destruction and theft of literally many, many thousands of unsuspecting and un-informed people who have fallen victim to this now rampant Washington State, King County, Snohomish County, Seattle and Western Washington municipalities, organized crime fraud operation. James has mentioned that the corrupt local law enforcement authorities will set up anyone that they plan to target, even if they are not in the proper jurisdiction or even if the targeted party is not in violation of any known laws or ordinances. That this criminal organized criminal bureaucracy here in the Northwest will readily target any party as potential unsuspecting targets and once a targeted person or persons is targeted falsely arrested and or victimized by bureaucratic authorized and undertaken identity theft (fraudulent identity theft including rampant forgery by local bureaucratic personnel) who then have the targeted victims and or victims thus also illegally incarcerated and or carted away to jail for an endless array of false charges, that the (bureaucracy) police, and supporting judiciary will then make it so that these people will not be able to get their vehicles or their homes back. The whole Northwest has become a massive organized crime operation and that as James (the first James who was interviewed on the Call4Investigation program on bureaucratic auto impound fraud) has mentioned that the rest of the country must be warned that if they enter this state that they enter at their own extreme risk. That this State of Washington has become many times worse then the old historical lawless west, and that this area is on the verge of an immense social and economic collapse as that the social order of things here has so much disintegrated to the point that that it is a wonder as to how this Northwest and the extremely corrupt State of Washington are even sustaining to any degree at this time, whatsoever due to the inundation of street drugs, prostitution, (all tying directly to local judicial payoffs and law enforcement racketeering operations) bureaucratic and police and judicial (political, corporate, establishment) corruption that are so rampant it is a wonder that this governmental system can even be referred to as being a government. This writer writing this report was informed two years ago by a person that they met at a local Seattle bus stop that all of the street, Craigslist, and other referred to prostitution operations, (including the Stranger Magazine and other sexually oriented publications including the Internet) that also links to and extensively involves rampant crack cocaine and meth operation-networks, that are all directly linked to being protected as payoff sources to all or most of the Seattle Municipal judges, King County and even Federal judges through the control of this via the corrupt law enforcement agencies. This party mentioned that even Seattle Mayor Nichols is in on the take.

The matter gets worse when this party named James then begins to reveal just how this organized so called criminal governmental crime ring that involves the theft of so many tens of thousands of vehicles that they are even stealing peoples homes, and the matter gets worse when James then reveals just how organized this bureaucratic crime operation is literally destroying the lives of tens of thousands and more so many hundreds of thousands of people here in the Northwest and there appears to be no end in sight to this Satanic organized criminal bureaucratic takeover of what was once upon a time a Northwest that was considered to be one of the best places in the nation to live. Not any more my friends. Not any more. Most people who have lived all of their lives here in the Seattle King County area and surrounding regions are trying franticly to remove themselves from here.

James then went to describe more about the impound fraud going on here and he then mentioned something about the Seattle Municipality ordinance referred to as being Moving violation 11-72-440 City of Seattle Parking Ticketing process. A vehicle tagging procedure that states that vehicles that have been sitting for longer then 72 hours are then vulnerable to being removed and impounded. As many of the local residents have tried to address this three day statute of removal as unfair and unauthorized.

That this ordinance has allowed for the local bureaucratic process to make literally many many millions of dollars from this and that the local city councils simply ignore this matter no matter how many people have tried to bring this matter to the local bureaucratic councils to try to change it. But after the fact the extreme corruption that goes along with it is now beginning to leak out to the rest of this nation and world. That these impound laws only provide a vast profiteering opportunity for the local towing, impound, law enforcement-judiciary, via payoffs and rampant unmonitored or investigated kickbacks and that these various impound towing and title fraud (unwarranted) ordinances that provide the establishment with vast bureaucratic profiteering scams do not provide the proper (enough) time (on purpose) in order to keep the owners of any vehicle that is parked in the jurisdiction of the City of Seattle, to be able to be moved as that the tags are not monitored and or heeded by the local police and their payoff and kickback sources that are the local towing and impound companies. That these ordinances as is for one that is the City of Seattle parking ordinance 11-72-44 allows for any such vehicle that has been cited for this parking infraction process under the City of Seattle to be towed at any time and the City towing companies or the local police could care less if an automobile or vehicle is towed prematurely. They profit from all impounding and they would rather have their take on it regardless if anyone is following according to the law or not. So tough luck to the local residents of Seattle and the local municipalities of the State of Washington

This matter has been addressed to the City of Seattle reigning City Council by many local and regional Seattle residents to have the City of Seattle Council move to legislate a longer time period in order to give the owners of parked and cited vehicle enough time to be able properly move their vehicle. The matter of police and towing companies just simply goes unchecked and unmonitored by the City of Seattle Council and or any of the Northwest county or regional residing councils. This matter has been brought to the attention of the City of Seattle Council on many times for the past five years and has been continually ignored and put aside by the more the speculatively (corruptive) City of Seattle Council.

Why will not the City of Seattle and it's residing City Council allow for the owners of cited automobiles to be able have enough time to be able to move such vehicles? Consider that the City of Seattle Council which has been on many times it has been addressed by properly submitted proposals by responsible Seattle citizens and yet, the City of Seattle Council has continued to ignore these peoples pleas to change the parking, towing and impound laws and ordinances. This focus of just mere City of Seattle regulatory fraud is just another observation of just how much of an organized criminal racket the City of Seattle has been becoming, as that the City of Seattle is behind the scenes vastly profiteering from this towing and impound racket while it's sleazily contracted organized crime towing operations are both profiting from this towing racket and all of the while so are the Seattle bureaucratic hidden bureaucratic networks, comprised of being many of the judges, cops, and paid for whore attorneys. The City of Seattle has become the whore of the North Pacific Rim.

The party named James has provided the information about the  cars-trucks posting to reveal the horrendous transition that tas of less then one year ago that observation of the extreme increase is car and truck listings on the Seattle Craigslist. He also noted that the part of this impound scam involves the unloading of formerly impounded vehicle being unloaded on the Seattle Craigslist by element working with the impound companies and the local police departments who are rampantly arresting anyone with supportable cause in order to grab their properties or their vehicles. James indicated that the extensive increase of vehicle listing on the Seattle Craigslist will provide two indications, that of the rampant impound fraud going on, and that of the fact that the entire Northwest economic infrastructure is literally dissolving. As observed a year ago that average daily listing for Craigslist Cars and Trucks would scroll to approximately a a mere possible per day four pages of posted vehicles for sale. But today on the Seattle Craigslist car and truck that are posted scroll within just a few hours to now more then twenty two pages and growing ever day by day that clearly reveals the fact that this economy is collapsing and people are getting so desperate that the number of cars being sold by owners and impound rackets in the Seattle King County and Tacoma region has multiplied by several thousand times in just less then one year and this is also being observed in the mortgage collapse now transcending here in the Northwest. The local bureaucratic corruption is also being noted to be on the extreme increase in parallel to this. The local judiciary all have Service Corp International stock and investment as that SCI and the other privatized jail companies be they contracted for profit local, state, county, municipal and as well as also Federally contracted private corporate jail companied. And, the judges are all getting kick backs for rampantly jailing anyone for anything and then ceasing the jailed target's homes, vehicles and e

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