RE: S11 Breakfast Meeting
Fri Sep 8, 2006 21:40

doest post the whole article,
here are the links....

1. There's Something About Omar TruthLiesOmar

2. Enter Daniel Pearl TruthLiesPearl

3. Flashback: Assembling The Legend TruthLiesFlashback

4. Assembling The 9/11 Counter-Legends (or, Stacking Your Patsies) TruthLiesPatsies

5. Securing The Plot - The Lead-Up To 9/11 TruthLiesPlot

6. Backdrop - Detecting The Puppet Masters TruthLiesBackdrop

7. Polishing The Legend: A New 9/11 Mastermind TruthLiesPolishing

8. The Summer 2002 Marketing Plan: TruthLiesMarketing

9. End Game: Arresting The Paymaster(s) TruthLiesEndgame

10. Postscript: TruthLiesPostscript,Lofti.shtml

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