President Bush's speech, 9/11 Fives Years Later
Thu Sep 7, 2006 16:17

9/7/06 President Bush's speech

U.S. President Bush speaks in the East Room of the White House in Washington

9/11: 5 years later
Only the deluded or the paid-off still believe amateur Arab pilots did it;article=104298

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The Incredible 9-11 Evidence
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Bush recalls Atlanta bombing in terrorism speech
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... Centre in Smyrna. Bush's speech was one in a series he is giving in advance of the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks. Bush was ...

Bush acknowledges existence of CIA prisons

Updated Thu. Sep. 7 2006 11:33 AM ET News Staff

U.S. President George Bush has confirmed terrorist suspects were held in secret CIA prisons outside the country, but argued the program kept America safe from potential attacks.

"This program has helped us to take potential mass murderers off the streets before they were able to kill," said Bush.

Among the detainees were alleged Sept. 11, 2001 masterminds Khalid Sheik Mohammed and Ramzi Binalshibh. Along with 12 other suspected terrorist leaders, they were transported to windowless cells at Guantanamo Bay.

Bush said he plans to have the men face military tribunals, despite the Supreme Court outlawing the practice in June -- Justice John Paul Stevens ruled the trials violated both U.S. law and the Geneva Convention.

If the U.S. Congress supports Bush's proposal, the military will file charges against about 75 of the suspects, according to The Associated Press.

Some could face the death penalty, including Mohammed.

"Obviously, someone of (Khalid Sheik Mohammed's) magnitude it would be reasonable to expected would be subject to the death penalty," Guantanamo's chief prosecutor, Air Force Air Force Col. Morris Davis, told AP.

Congress has been asked to approve the military tribunals within the next few weeks. The acknowledgement of the secret prisons comes just two months before crucial congressional elections, and could make security a defining issue in the next election.

"These dramatic revelations have so far framed the election issues and debate -- one that Republicans think plays to their strength, saying in effect: look what we've done so far, you might want to keep us around," reported CTV's Washington Bureau Chief Tom Clark.

The detainees are now being held in Guantanamo's Camp 5, created for suspects accused of the most severe offences or those who likely have valuable information.

Camp 5 detainees are reportedly allowed just one hour of outside exercise per day, and receive food through a narrow slot in their cell doors.

But they also have access to the Red Cross and defence lawyers.

Bush said the suspects were interrogated while in the secret CIA prisons, and helped intelligence officials determine the structure of al Qaeda, details about specific plots.

He said the interrogations were lawful but "tough," although he didn't offer any exact details.

"These are dangerous men with unparalleled knowledge about terrorist networks and their plans for new attacks," said Bush. "The security of our nation and the lives of our citizens depend on our ability to learn what these terrorists know."

With a report by CTV's Washington Bureau Chief Tom Clark and files from The Associated Press


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