Bush 9/11 5 min video...
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Bush 9/11 5 min video...

>>> At 9:03 AM on 11 September 2001, the second airplane hit the
South Tower of the World Trade Center. President Bush was in
Florida, at the Emma T. Booker Elementary School, listening to
children read. Chief of Staff Andrew Card came over and whispered in
Bush's ear, "A second plane hit the second tower. America is under

What did the Commander in Chief do? Nothing. He sat there. He sat
for well over 5 minutes, doing nothing while 3,000 people were dying
and the attacks were still in progress.

Not only did the leader of the free world sit as his country was
attacked, the Secret Service also did nothing. Bush was appearing in
public at a previously announced photo-op. He was a sitting duck.
The attacks were ongoing at that point (planes had yet to hit the
Pentagon or the field in Pennsylvania), and nobody knew how much
more destruction was going to happen. Were there two, three, four,
eight more planes hijacked and on their way to crash into prominent
buildings? Was one headed for the school, where anyone who checked
the President's public itinerary would know he was located? Were
other terrorists planning to detonate dirty nukes? Were they going
to release anthrax or smallpox or sarin? Was an assassination squad
going to burst into the school and get Bush? Was a suicide bomber
going to ram a truck full of explosives into that classroom?

During the midst of the attacks, any of these things could've
happened. Yet there sits Bush, seemingly unconcerned. His Chief of
Staff likewise doesn't think that America in flames warrants the
President's immediate attention. And the Secret Service utterly
fails to do its job by grabbing the President of the United States
and getting him to safety. It's truly inexplicable.

And it's something the administration isn't too eager to trumpet.
They haven't released footage of the President's (non)actions during
this historic moment of American history. Until now, the only
available footage had been a little film put together by Booker
Elementary. [See it here.] The problem is, there's a jump edit in
the footage: From the time Card whispers to Bush until the end of
the scene in the classroom, only 2 minutes and 10 seconds elapse.

But this new, fuller footage shows Bush sitting for a full five
minutes after he'd been told that "America is under attack."

He declined to take action even longer than this, but unfortunately
this footage ends before he leaves the classroom. Thanks to an
amazing article by Allan Wood and Paul Thompson, we know what
happened after the footage suddenly cuts off:

The only source to describe what happened next is Fighting Back by
Bill Sammon. Publishers Weekly described Sammon's book as an "inside
account of the Bush administration's reaction to 9-11 [and] a
breathless, highly complimentary portrait of the president [showing]
the great merit and unwavering moral vision of his inner circle."
[Publisher's Weekly, 10/15/02] Sammon's conservative perspective
makes his account of Bush's behavior at the end of the photo-op all
the more surprising. Bush is described as smiling and chatting with
the children "as if he didn't have a care in the world" and "in the
most relaxed manner imaginable." White House aide Gordon Johndroe,
then came in as he usually does at the end of press conferences, and
said, "Thank you, press. If you could step out the door we came in,
please." A reporter then asked, "Mr. President, are you aware of the
reports of the plane crash in New York? Is there anything...", But
Bush interrupted, and no doubt recalling his order, "DON'T SAY
ANYTHING YET," Bush responded, "I'll talk about it later." But still
the president did not leave. "He stepped forward and shook hands
with [classroom teacher] Daniels, slipping his left hand behind her
in another photo-op pose. He was taking his good old time. ... Bush
lingered until the press was gone." [Fighting Back: The War on
Terrorism - From Inside the Bush White House, by Bill Sammon, 10/02,
p. 90]

For a detailed portrait of what Bush did and didn't do on 9/11, you
can do no better than to read this article here. It is based
completely on reports from mainstream media and statements from
government officials.

Apologists claim that Bush didn't leave simply because he didn't
want to interrupt and upset the children, but this falls apart for
several reasons:

1) America is being attacked, thousands are dying, and Bush doesn't
know if we're facing nuclear, biological, or chemical attacks, as
well. Couldn't he just say, "Excuse me, kids, I need to take care of
something. It's part of being President, y'understand. I'll be back
as soon as I can."

2) At the moment Card told Bush about the second plane, the children
weren't reading to Bush. They had finished reading words from an
easel and were reaching under their chairs for a book when Card
whispered to Bush. Another 30 seconds would elapse before they
started reading again. This pause was a perfect time for Bush to
politely excuse himself.

3) By staying, he not only endangered his own life, but the lives of
all of those children. Wouldn't it be better to risk upsetting them
than to risk letting them die in a terror attack?

4) Even if Bush was afraid of hurting the kiddies' feelings, what
about the Secret Service? Have they been trained not to attempt to
save the President's life if it might bother some schoolchildren?

5) What about Chief of Staff Andrew Card, White House Spokesperson
Ari Fleischer, and other officials who were in that classroom?
Didn't they feel that a 21st-century Pearl Harbor and a potential
attack on the President himself were worth some sort of action?

6) Finally, and most damningly, this excuse doesn't explain why Bush
continued to mill around the classroom for several minutes after the
children had finished reading.

Somewhere, someone has the complete, uncut footage of Bush in Booker
Elementary, from the time he enters the classroom until he finally
walks out. If you have this footage, please send it to me.

This video was obtained from The Education Channel in Sarasota,
Florida. You can get a copy by sending $35 to:

Ms. Leanne McIntire
The Education Channel
3301 Proctor Road
Sarasota FL 34231

Ask for the raw footage of President Bush at Booker Elementary on
the morning of 11 Sept 2001. Specify whether you want VHS or Super
VHS. (The latter is broadcast quality but doesn't play on regular

Thanks to the anonymous ones for their help.

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Operation Mockingbird: CIA Media Manipulation
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