Our children's future is in your hands.
Wed Sep 6, 2006 18:12

"We are the Children" Clip from movie 1984


A Look at the Future Through the Eyes of Nine Nobel Laureates

"All of us are searching for solutions and ways to take personal actions to affect change, especially for our children' s future& An Inconvenient Truth raises compelling questions, Nobelity offers compelling answers."
- Christopher Gavigan, CEO / Executive Director,
CHEC, Children' s Health Environmental Coalition

"The fact is - it is absolutely brilliant. This is one of the absolute most important films of this year or any year."
- Aint It Cool News

"Inspiring. This film could have a huge impact."
- Governor Ann Richards

“4 Stars. My advice would be to find a copy of this fantastic documentary, settle down for a 80-minute piece of enlightenment, and then use their lessons to help make the world a better place.”
- efilmcritic.com

"Pipkin's remarkable new film, Nobelity... leaves you wanting more and thinking that if Pipkin's nine were in charge, we would leave a better world indeed."
- Esquire Magazine

“This is a documentary you don’t want to miss… an inspirational film to watch.”
- themoviechicks.com

“Enlightening. A thoroughly engaging, provocative and insightful film. It'll wake you up and ultimately shake you up to the realities of this world.”
- The NYC Movie Guru

Featuring Nobel Laureates: Steven Weinberg, Jody Williams, Ahmed Zewail, Rick Smalley, Wangari Maathai, Sir Joseph Rotblat, Dr. Harold Varmus, Desmond Tutu, Amartya Sen

A Film by Turk Pipkin

A stunning look at the world’s most pressing problems through the eyes of nine Nobel Laureates, Nobelity follows filmmaker Turk Pipkin’s personal journey to find enlightening answers about the kind of world our children and grandchildren will know. Filmed across the U.S., and in France, England, India, and Africa, Nobelity Combines The Insights of nine distinguished Nobelists with a first-person view of world problems and the children who are most challenged by them.

For more information visit The Nobelity Project at www.nobelity.org.

Our children's future is in your hands.

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"We are the Children" Clip from movie 1984


WASHINGTON, Sept. 5 (UPI) -- The August 2006 quarterly U.S. Pentagon Report to Congress, "Measuring Stability and Security in Iraq," describes progress in terms of politics, economics and security.


"We are the Children" Clip from movie 1984

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