Andrew A. Moriarty
Kaminski's Jewish Theories
Fri Sep 8, 2006 19:11

Dear John,

Watching Alex Jones hosting the Los Angeles 9/11 Truth event, through 22 hours of documentaries and analysis, I never once heard the Jewish banker theory of world domination. Instead, what I heard was talk of an international brotherhood of criminals, whether from the US, Great Britain, or Israel. A very strong distinction was made between the people of these countries and their corrupted leaderships.

In reading your thumbnail sketch of "Jewish Conspiracies and Experiments," I am really struggling to follow your logic. Why do these silly people keep massacring their own "Chosen" selves? Are you contending that "Jews" are more cannibalistic than the "WASPS" -- who I am beginning to think run most all these "defense" contracting companies here in the US.

I recently heard a report on KPFK in Los Angeles in which they said that the American financiers were behind most of the worst Pogroms internationally in the last 200 years. I also heard that the Mossad -- perhaps in defiance of their own "Zionist" leadership?????-- gave thoroughly detailed warnings to our government officials.

It would seem much more logical to me that these WASPy folks at the heart of the 9/11 debacle are now fully scapegoating "Jews." If there was indeed a criminal brotherhood across borders between the US, Great Britain, and Israel, then in my opinion, the folks in the Bush Camp are very busily selling out their former Jewish partners, just like they sell out all their other former partners in crime. There seem to be an awful lot of examples recently of Bush sellouts. Like propping up the Taliban for years, then attacking them. Like training "Islamic fundamentalist guerrillas" worldwide, then "cracking down." Like setting up counter terrorist networks such as the one Valerie Plame was part of -- then outing her.

If you want my abbreviated thumbnail sketch of 20th century history, I would contend that companies such as Brown Brothers Harriman actively bankrolled Nazi Germany, which then, in turn, did actually murder millions of Jews -- not to mention Gypsies, Slavs, dissidents and others they did not like. Then they got their henchmen out of Germany through a corrupt Vatican. (See Phillips' book American Dynasty and The Secret War Against the Jews by Aaron & Loftus.)

I am not currently impressed with your theories that "the Jews did it." I think we'd all be much better off concentrating on uncovering all of the real culprits, regardless of race or ethnicity. Plus this constant harping about "Jew this" or "Jew that" is really pissing off the majority in the peace groups to which I belong, since that self-same majority is of the Progressive Jewish persuasion. These fine folks are also about 95% convinced that 9/11 was an inside job. I just think you are making my job, as token Gentile, that much harder when it comes to exposing salient features of the 9/11 conspiracy.

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