Joshua Gardens
Only the deluded still believe amateur Arab pilots did it
Fri Sep 8, 2006 21:29

“The only people that still believe the "official version" of 9-11, are either stupid, delusional or complicit.”
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Some observations/questions about the 9/11/2001 Govt Fairy Tale (I wish to be charitable here):
Is it reasonable to believe that it was simply a coinkydink that 4 or 5 (we still don’t know) drills involving hijacked aircraft were being conducted that day?
Why has the entire NYPD and NYFD been gagged? (They violate Federal Law if they so much as mention what they saw and heard that day. It is illegal for them to even repeat what they told reporters on that day)
How can a fire hot enough to MELT STEEL BEAMS not even singe a paper passport?
How did the passport manage the magic trick of exiting the holder’s pocket during the crash and spectacular fireball to be “found” later in pristine condition? (Any similarities to other high profile murder cases is purely coincidental;-)
Does it make any sense at all that the President of the United States of America would dutifully remain as the most absolutely perfect target by sitting in a Florida school classroom with a group of children when we know for a fact that hijacked airliners piloted by fanatic terrorists are roaming the sky?
Is it reasonable to assume that this fiasco could occur without a single US Govt official bearing any responsibility whatsoever? (Not one official has even been reprimanded!)
Would a sensible person believe that a man who could not even fly a single engine, prop driven Cessna, is somehow capable of executing what amounts to a “stunt” maneuver in a Boeing 767?? Yeah, right.
Is it simply a coincidence that the put options on the two airline companies involved in the attacks were off the freaking scale and we still have not been told who placed them? (Nor will we ever be told)
Is it reasonable to believe that although an Admiral was disciplined for the attack on Pearl Harbor no one needs to be disciplined for the attacks of Sept 11?
Is it reasonable to believe that 19 guys operating out of a cave in Afghanistan armed with BOX CUTTERS was all that was needed to overpower the combined might of the entire United States military and defeat our entire air defense system so effectively?
Or is it more reasonable to believe they received assistance at high levels? (Let us not forget that one FBI agent after another was turned back, demoted, transferred or just pain blocked when the got close to any of the men later shown to be connected with the attacks. Let us not forget the woman (FBI agent) who requested a warrant to examine Moussaoui’s hard drive. She was denied.)
(How much would you like to bet that the individual who denied her request is now sitting the catbird seat?)
(Just one example: Richard Myers was promoted to chairman of the joint chief of staff.)
Is it reasonable to believe that any group of scoundrels could be so INCREDIBLY LUCKY?
At least 7 of them were using stolen passports but never once got busted even though the passports were reported stolen! Go ahead. You try it. Use a stolen passport, which was reported to the US Govt as stolen a year ago. See how far you get. Let me know. Keep me apprised. Keep me up to date on your progress. Yeah sure, you betcha.
Come on, people. How incredibly ignorant and uneducated must a person be to swallow all of this NONSENSE?
Is it reasonable to believe that our air defense system was able to intercept Paine Stewart’s plane in 10 minutes but was NEVER able to intercept a single airliner on Sept 11? Just more incredibly bad luck?
Is it reasonable to believe that Collin Powell was provided with such poor intelligence that he went to the UN and made completely false statements, accusing Iraq of having mobile biological weapons labs which turned out to be hydrogen weather balloon inflators (sold to Iraq by our friends, the British). How could US “intelligence” misidentify these BALLOON INFLATORS as mobile bio-weapons labs? How?
I could go on but I believe the point has been made.

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