Feds, the real terrorist
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426. Feds, the real terrorist (8/10/06)

On 7/5, I wrote "418. Native terrorist group (7/5/2006)", alleged the Feds created that terror cell. The article of New York Daily News next day proved my opinion is very correct.

Quote, "Terror crew urged to hit FBI's bldgs.

An FBI informant urged seven terror suspects to target FBI offices throughout the country - including one in New York - and even helped the men scout the buildings, law enforcement sources told the Daily News yesterday.

The suspects, who also allegedly schemed to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago, were denied bond in a Miami federal court yesterday as sources shed light on the FBI effort to ensnare them.

Last December, the FBI arranged for an undercover informant posing as an Al Qaeda terrorist to meet with alleged ringleader Narseal Batiste, who authorities say had already recruited six men to help bring down the landmark 110-story Chicago office tower.

But in March, in an effort to solidify his "terrorist credentials," the informant suggested the men widen their aims to attack FBI offices in Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington and New York, a law enforcement source said.

Batiste and his followers readily agreed, even taking an Al Qaeda oath at the suggestion of the informant, Justice Department sources said. Soon, Batiste and the agent began a surveillance operation of the FBI office in Miami - while the bureau watched their every move, sources said.

The FBI made sure the informant suggested Bureau buildings and not, say, airports, in order to maintain an element of control," said a law enforcement source. "The FBI knew exactly what was going on and was in complete control.

The terror suspects never performed reconnaissance on the Sears Tower or any other FBI office, including the one in lower Manhattan that was also targeted in a 1993 plot to blow up New York landmarks. They also never acquired any of the explosives to carry out their attacks, authorities said.

Originally published on July 6, 2006 "


In official story, one ring was lost - they never talked about who introduced that "Al Qaida representative". As I have said, it was impossible that a representative knocked at the door, said Allah told him to come. There must be an introducer. No one could be it except the ring leader Narseal Batiste. So Batiste was an informant too. Authority avoid to talk about this because it would reveal the terrorist group were created, acted under the guidance of the intelligence.

These kind of self created terror group used to have something common:
1. An informant disguised as terrorist to prove authority is true. Moussaoui and Nick Berg are the sample. Batiste in Miami terror cell, and Hammoud in NYC tunnel case are the same. The ignorant youths recruited always have been eliminated in "suicide bombing". Sometimes even these informants became sacrifice too. (like in 911, London bombing)

2. In Miami terror cell case, Al Qaida representative led (you know that's the FBI instruction) an Al Qaida oath. I believe it was recorded as evidence. When these youths died in a "suicide bombing", the media will show you a tape how these people swore to die for Al Qaida. Although these ignorant youths were not aware that oath was a trap.

Similar scene can be seen from a 7/6 news. A tape showed a London bomber, shehzad Tanweer (one of the London bomber), wearing a checkered kaffiyeh, warned that the attacks were only the beginning of a campaign of terror. The tape, could be made in same situation of that Al Qaida oath - under the guidance of intelligence.

3. Why FBI guide the terror cell to attack FBI office.

(1) On 5/31/02, I wrote that Feds was behind OKC bombing.
Re: The motive of OKC bombing by McVeigh is to revenge government's injustice in Waco. His target was FBI and BATF in Murrah Federal Building. Yet on that day, all staffs of FBI and BATF were absent. They knew the bombing in advance. Other federal employees became scapegoat. see "(68. Ashcroft's revenge (5/31/02))"

(2) A response to cover up my allegation. On 10/14/02, they shot a FBI staff to death to quit the allegation that FBI was behind DC sniper shooting spree.

Re: 10/2/02, Bill to authorize the use of armed force against Iraq was present to the House. 10/11/02, Senator passed the bill.
Same day on 10/2, sniper started his first shoot, within 10 days to 10/11, there were 11 shoots. This is action period. Purposed to intimidate law makers to pass the bill.

10/12 to 10/24, a retreat period. 3 shootings in 13 days period. to cover up the retreat.
10/14, 12th shooting. FBI staff Linda Franklin was shot to death. (a tactic of "Thief cried "thieves". "I am the victim. I am not the perpetrator". )
10/19, 13th shooting came with a demand of ransom. Plant the shooting spree a motive.
10/23, 14th shooting followed by the arrest of Muhammad and Malvo to finish the case. (see #128 and #129)

(3) Miami case. FBI guided terror cell to aim at FBI office resembles to the shooting death of FBI staff Linda Franklin. A tactic to avoid the profile of a perpetrator but remain more like a victim when the bombing happens. It originates from OKC bombing.

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