Jesus A Rivas
Bush's strategy working well ...
Sun Sep 2, 2007 23:17

Bush's strategy working well ... just not in Iraq ... but in the US Congress guest commentary by Jesus A. Rivas: For the last few years US president Bush has presented his strategy to win the war on terror. “Stay on the offense, take the war to them before the take the war to us."

Bush has used this as a slogan to justify his position in Iraq despite having shown no signs of success or given any credible evidence it may work in the future.

* Over the last five years. it has been a trade mark of this administration to give away their real intentions by placing them in a different context ... the true is that the strategy is working very well, just not in Iraq, but in the US Congress.

Despite all the problems of this administration, including but not limited to an unjustifiable war, huge deficit, illegal firing of district attorneys (demonstrably for political reasons); despite the illegal spying on US nationals, despite the outing of classified information about a CIA operative for political reasons, despite both the president and vice president having committed repeatedly clearly impeachable offenses ... despite of having lost the 2006 elections with a "thumping" where the people clearly told the politicians they had to pull out of Iraq and they had to change the country policies.

Considering all these facts, it's surprising that the administration is not only not facing impeachment but continues completely undeterred in their ways.

Recently, the US Congress passed a law increasing the spying program and gave the president another blank check with the future of the war. The Democratic party just got a mandate to get rid of the president and his policies and they can’t even prevent the neocons to from bending the rule of law even more.

A simple threat of being called unpatriotic (staying on the offensive) nu Bush, has had all the congress flee in terror ... the only explanation I can think of is that Bush's reported strategy for Iraq works well in the US Congress.

So long as the president keeps raising the ghost of anti-patriotism, the Democrats will not catch a breath to protect the constitution, let alone restore the abuses it has already suffered.

The facts seems clear: the strategy of "staying on the offensive and taking the war to them before they take it to you" works well.

It just has nothing to do with fighting terrorism, National Security or keeping the country safe.

It has everything to do with playing politics in Washington D.C.

Jesus A Rivas

Catman Cohen - Prayer for America

Wow!What can I say, I am stunned at the "Truth and consequences of the Video clip of America."Somewhat sad,This is not Graphic but the truth of everyday life.The guy who did this took the time and money to show us what is going on, wake up. This is not a Zionist,Israeli or a Politicial message, just reality. I would love to meet this guy, he has balls and we should all respect that. He is not a person who plays it safe; but shows it how it is. It is called


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