Rothchild/Zionist Pyramid nearly complete
Wed Aug 30, 2006 03:09

Dear Patriots,
Time is running out for America. Understand that I am not promoting Islam but I was talking with a Muslim the other day and he asserted that the imperialistic Zionists want control of the Iranian banks. Is this what the Middle East regime change is all about?
You should be aware that there are only five nations left that do not have a tie to the Rothchild's international banking cartel a.k.a. the creature from Jekyll Island...Iran, North Korea, Cuba and sorry I cannot recall the other two.
If the world does not give Rothchild/Zionist empire complete control and economic power over all nations then the masses will be plunged into the dark ages. This will be the new world order. One of fear, panic, chaos, death, destruction, economic collapse and nuclear holocaust. Coming soon to America...Death by fascist neocons and religious fanatics or communist slave labor camps in USA and massive invasion by Russian and Chinese troops? Americans are so dumbed down that they are just now seeing that both parties are hellbent on destroying us.
One world government will be imposed voluntarily or with brutal force. What say you brothers and sisters? Do we submit or do we stand united and say hell no? I say bring it on!!! Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Fallen, fallen is Babylon the Great. In one hour our nation is in financial ruins and burned with fire. Revelations Chapter 18.

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