Proof the Army Corps of Engineers DID blow some levees
Thu Aug 31, 2006 02:31

Army Corps of Engineers Deliberate Breach of New Orleans Levees.

OK, relax, this might not be entirely what it looks like,
(a conspiracy theory)
But, yes, they DID breach some levee's on purpose.
They were breached to help "unwater" areas of New Orleans.

Below is the map that indicates this, taken from the Army Corps of Engineers website.

This is the page with the maps, and other information below.

You can read all 70 pages, but, i will save you some time.
I already have.
There is NO indication at what time ANY of these deliberate breaches took place.
There is NO indication as to HOW, or even the particulars of WHY.
There is NO information if these deliberate breaches helped in any way.
It seems curious to me, that as much information is provided on this site
about the unwatering process, one would think those questions would be answered here.

An unwatering team, was placed in Memphis, 1 day before Hurricane Katrina.

i couldnt post the whole thing, go to link for photos etc...

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