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Subject: [truthabout911] Re: TIME: Why The 9/11 Conspiracies Won't Go Away
Date: Tue, 05 Sep 2006 02:03:59 -0000
From: johnpol5911

This article maintains and promotes the myth, that conspiracy theories
are inherently false. How much longer must we put up with this idiocy?

Conspiracy theories are merely theories propounded by people, in an
effort to account for wrongful behavior perpetuated by two or more
persons. A conspiracy involves more than one person in a wrongful
act. What on earth makes so many people fall into this silly trap, of
calling conspiracy theorie inheretly invalid? 9/ll is an event,
pereptrated by more than one person. The government has a theory
about how 9/11 came about. Other people, also have theories that
differ from the account given by the current administration in

The piece, Why The 9/11 Conspiracies Won't Go Away, once more makes
this ludicrous charge. It's only the theories that are propounded by
people that disagree with administration theories, that are "called"
conspiracy theories. Calling them conspiracy theories is supposed to
persuade us that these theories are false on their face, merely
because they're conspiracy theories. What is not mentioned in this
piece, is that the adminstration has also given us "conspiracy
theories" that seek to account for 9/11. But they're not "called"
conspiracy theories when we are given an "official" (i.e.
admnistration) account of 9/11. But that's precisely what they are.
It follows that the writer of this piece, believes that there were
"no" perpetrators in the 9/11 disaster. It all happened without any
parties having any responsibility for its outcome.

The writer then goes on to provide a bland psyhological account for
why the people that come up with conspiracy theories "need" to
believe in them. How imbecilic. The government has also given us a
conspiracy theory. What should we conclude from this fact? The peice
attempts to subtly persuade the reader that accounts for 9/11 that
disagree with "official" accounts are, inherently false, 1) because
the writer calls them conpiracy theories, and 2) because the writer
gives us an amateurish, psychological profile of a typical conspiracy
theorist, that demeans him by making him seem like a deluded half-wit.
But, since the government is also engaged in doing precisely the same
thing, i.e. conpiracy theorizing, this psychological profile of the
conspiracy theorist, muct also apply to the accounts provided by the
current administration, in other words, the official account of 9/11
was provided to us, by a bunch of deluded half-wits.


[ny911] NY 911 Truth Update - Hello all,


I've sent an invitation to C-SPAN to film our event next Sunday at Cooper Union. Here's the way it works. We need lots of folks to email the network urging them to cover it. We have to explain why it's so important that this gets covered. We should explain how this will be different than the Alex Jones event which they aired. We have different speakers, will talk about the first responders issues, and offer historical context and logical conclusions. We can add that they need to film a 9/11 truth event during the 5th anniversary. You get the idea. Please fax C-SPAN at 202-737-3323 and send emails to  and . Also, you can call (202) 737-3220.


We have one more meeting on Wed. at St. Marks Church, 7 pm. It would be great to have 30-40 people come help with sign making, flyering, and logistics such as set up, T-shirt team for Cooper Union, kitchen support for the Finale on Monday, etc. We could use a few more people with cars. Please email me directly if you can help at .


Please see the weekend overview at . You can now download the schedule in PDF format. As for the Saturday outreach before the afternoon program at Community Church. We'll need 15-20 people to go to Ground Zero in response to a request from WTC Families For A Proper Burial. They'll be there at 11 am. We'll need to hand off flyers to take. Please email Tom Foti at  to coordinate this.

Note that there is info to purchase advance tickets for Sunday the 10th which may sell out. We advise everyone to do so now. As an FYI, an unwelcome visitor will be at Ground Zero on Sept. 11th, p-Resident Bush. He's scheduled to visit a few sites. While we know there will be extra security, there's no way it will match the security situation during the RNC. We should be able to gain access to the area. The idea will be to filter throughout the Ground Zero complex so we're seen everywhere. It is absolutely essential that we remain vigilant for any provocateurs. We have to assume that the media would welcome any opportunity to put us in a negative light, even go as far as saying we're dangerous. This is why we must be dignified and respectful. Our public image, especially on the day seen as a day of remembrance for those who perished, must be a priority. Now back to Bush. Since he's going to be there, I think it's all the more reason why we need thousands of people there! He
and his contingent need to know that we the people know the score and we have had enough of the decades long pattern of the policy of state sponsored terror. The world needs to see us there as well. Our numbers will be the message. Lastly, maybe some of the families will see our earnest desire to have the truth of 9/11 exposed and justice be obtained.

Truth will prevail,


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