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8/31/06 "The Charles Goyette Show"


Military Families Speak Out is an organization of people opposed to the war in Iraq who have relatives or loved ones in the military. Formed by two families in November of 2002, we have contacts with military families throughout the United States, and in other countries around the world. Our membership currently includes over 3,000 military families, with new families joining daily.

As people with family members and loved ones in the military, we know that it is our loved ones who are, or have been, or will be on the battlefront. It is our loved ones who are at risk, who have been injured or who have died as a result of this war. It is our loved ones who are returning scarred from their experiences, who are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

If you have family members or loved ones in the military and you are opposed to this war, JOIN us by sending an e-mail to 

In Freedom We Must Defend Our Soldiers and Our Republic
62 of our soldiers were killed in June, end in sight. 2,537 of our own have been killed, 18,490 wounded, unreported thousands continue to be evacuated due to illness or injury, and thousands more of our and Iraqi people are sentenced to die by the civil war of Administration occupation. Many soldiers are now in their 4th deployments to the endless war in Iraq, end in sight. Though election year politics are fostering token or temporary troop returns, the hidden harms and stopgap policies continue to destroy soldiers, families, and more

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