Art Bell on the war with Iraq.... YUK!
Sun Sep 3, 2006 21:10


Art Bell on the war with Iraq....
A caller that worked at Area 51...

Guest: William Henry...
Investigative mythologist William Henry discussed his latest research...cont.


Art Bell exposed by William Cooper |
Art Bell is a shill (working for them) for the New World Order. ... conspiracy is a whacked out nutcase that should be locked up in a mental institution. ...

Well, sit down, Mr. Reporter. It goes like this: From his catbird seat in Pahrump, Bell has observed the nation's growing debt, race riots, gang warfare, soulless criminality, broken families, venal politicians, haywire ecology and has discerned therein a pattern, a hint of meaning, a sense that it all adds up. He calls this process the Quickening.

"Everything is occurring at an ever-increasing pace," he says. "A lot of people feel it in their gut. I think it's all leading to something. We're racing toward something."

Suspicious of Ted Gunderson
About the same time that newsmakingnews started dumping on Ted, Art Bell ... is a whacked out nutcase that should be locked up in a mental institution. ...

Art Bell is a tragic nutcase. He's headed for a rubber room in the near future. 5 posted on 08/15/2006 8:05:16 PM PDT by nmh (Intelligent people recognize ...

ART BELL'S WIFE DEAD AT 47. Ramona Bell, the wife of legendary radio host Art Bell, died early Thursday in Laughlin, Nevada. The Bells were vacationing in ...


January 07, 2006

Ramona Bell, wife of radio talk show host, dies at 47


LAUGHLIN, Nev. (AP) - Ramona Bell, wife of radio talk show host Art Bell, died Thursday in Laughlin. She was 47.

A representative of the Clark County coroner's office said Friday a cause of death has not been determined.

Art Bell had been a political talk show host on radio station KDWN in Las Vegas before he founded the Coast to Coast AM show in the 1990s.

His wife of 15 years occasionally appeared on the show, which was broadcast between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. from the couple's Pahrump home in southern Nevada. More than 400 radio stations broadcast the program.

In recent years, Art Bell has appeared only on Sunday nights while focusing on the paranormal, turning weekday duties over to George Noory.

He and his wife owned KNYE, an FM station in Pahrump.

Art Bell has announced his retirement from the show several times, including in October 1998 when he said he needed to leave because of a "terrible event" affecting his family.

In 1999, Brian Lepley, a substitute Pahrump schoolteacher, was sentenced to life in prison for the sexual assault of Bell's son. The boy was 16 when the assault occurred.


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