Cont'd - I am only one victim of many
Thu Aug 23, 2007 10:20


I'm only
reiterating the horrifying torture I am suffering because I am outrage that
these kinds of atrocities can still exist in the 21 Century and in America.
(While you indicate that the American Government are against the type of
inhumane sufferings I am enduring in America, no one has stopped the
violations and the abuses to date!)

Me and my family have been held Hostage for well over a fourteen years and
forced to serve involuntary. Not due to any Penalty of Law we violated but
because I was stalked, kidnapped and raped by the Former President of the
United States of America, William Jefferson Clinton. Please note: From that
time to date, I have been treated like the criminal, assaulted and battered
in my travels and if I didn't travel than these people came to my home and
tortured me inhumanely. I believe in an attempt to try and make me look as
dough I was incompetent or violent. When that didn't work I was denied any
American Rights, exploited, slandered, tortured, extorted, forced to serve
involuntary, slaved and directed to lie about my desire to pursue my
happiness with a Foreign Diplomat involved in my situation. I reiterate, to
date, (8/23/07), Family members are still used against their will to
communicate with me in an indecent manner in favor of William Jefferson
Clinton's and co-conspirators' defense. My family members will expose this
once they are gotten to a safe environment! in other words, "We Are Not Safe

I am abused constantly no matter where I go, by everybody, even in Church.
One can tell that some people don't want to hurt me anymore because they can
see I am sick but they are instructed to do so by the Authorities here, so
they do it out of FEAR! This is Tyranny!!!

Why was I instructed to lie to the United Nations or to and I quote, "Get
the United Nations out of our Business", when America if a Premanent Member
of the United Nations'? How can a Premanent Member of the United Nations'
allow such inhumane Human Rights Violations to exist in their Country? I
want the people in America to know that I am the United Nations' business,
because Human Rights Abuses are just some of the concerns' of the World that
the United Nations handles. One of the other situations in which the United
Nations handle is Foreign Diplomats and their families. I am committed to
one which makes me related to the Foreign Diplomat involved in my situation.
Please note, the aforesaid pleasure is all mine! So please stop having me
sexually harassed in favor of the Clinton's and their defense? America
should be aware of these facts. Former President, William Jefferson Clinton
was aware of these facts before he raped and tried to have me murdered.
Former President, William Jefferson Clinton, was aware he was starting an
International Incident/problem. He committed the criminal acts anyway
because he felt no one cared because we are BLACK! And no matter what
happens to me, I want to be with the Foreign Ambassador I am committed too.

Let me explain how premeditated the horrible treason I suffered/suffering
was/is. At one point while I was being tortured, I was told, "By time we get
finished, he'll (meaning William Jefferson Clinton) be out of office". From
that time to date I have been covertly tortured, abused and slandered while
these people down here bragged/brag about the sufferings I am enduring. So I
am sure you can see by today's date that I have been suffering this horrible
heinous situation for well over a decade. These offenses are intolerable!
While I was being physically tortured and chemically poisoned repeatedly,
the agents would have people come to my door and say, and I quote, "We'll
make you bleed for a week.", "Have you had enough yet, are you going to give
up your rights now?" During this time after I was repetitiously poisoned I
would take the blood and write over the house I was staying at, and these
were/are my words "I WANT TO LEAVE." I need for all of you to know that "I
AMERICA AS ME AND MY FAMILY TRIED TO ESCAPE". This is why these people are
camouflaging keeping me and my family here. They don't want the World to
know how they bragged about the torture they were premeditatedly inflicting
upon my human person even while I was dying.

At this present time I am still being extorted via of my liberty to conceal
the facts, or being coerced to aid in the Clinton's slandering me so he
doesn't have to face international charges for Human Rights Violations, and
I am being denied my pursuit of happiness with the Foreign Diplomat involved
in my situation, in the defense of Mr. Clinton. I am sexually harassed by
people who violated me and bragged to me how they were going to bring me
harm in support of Mr. Clinton. The sexual harassment is a trick to stop my
involvement with the foreign diplomat that I am already committed too. There
is no way that anyone in the World could even think that I would want an
affair with criminals who supported Mr. Clinton. Please note: If I had
falling for these tricks, America would have been able to say William
Jefferson Clinton just had an inappropriate affair with me. HE RAPED AND
TORTURED ME! There is no one in the World who could think I would ever give
of the opportunity to be a Queen or to be loved by the Gentleman I met and
who is fighting to save my life, in defense of Mr. William Jefferson
Clinton! I simply Adore the foreign Diplomat involved in my situation. And I
detest anyone trying to use me to aide in the defense of the Clinton's and
their co-conspiractors. I simply HATE EVERYONE INVOLVED WHO AIDED THE
statement is clear!

This statement I feel America needs to know. I truly Love, Adore, appreciate
and want to spend the rest of my life with the Foreign Diplomat I met.
Especially given the facts that the country that I was born in tried their
best to murder me and to destroy my reputation because a known serial
predator hurt me. I will never have another affair outside of with the
Foreign Diplomat involved in my illegal detainment. And I certainly don't
want an American man in replace of the man I am committed too.

Please don't be insulted by the following statements, it is history! What is
happening to me is what happened to my race during Slavery. America's
Fore-fathers would force us to marry or rape us for their perverted
pleasures and gain, then each time there is a out-cry from the world,
America says how their going to reform. We, the Black Race, have heard that
from Century to Century, and here we are again hearing the same sad broken
pomise again, and I quote, "If you give up your rights to save a White
Criminal, we will change and give you more rights"... The abuses I am
suffering are Sports to the Caucasian Race! Simply put, their enjoying my
PAIN! Somehow America cannot find a Caucasian or any other Race here to
enforce their Constitution with respect to my Rights and Life. America
Always allowed the Caucasian Race to Abuse the Black Race's rights from
Century to Century. There is always some reason that a Caucasian Criminal
should not be prosecuted for the inhumane suffering they inflict upon a
Black Innocent Human Being in America!!! If that isn't enough, than the
Intelligent, Competent, Respectful Black Human Being is told by the American
Government to slander themselves to accommodate the Caucasian Criminal's
defense, and if they chose not to than they are Slandered by the American

While I have been held illegally, I have been sexually harassed and told
this is the reward I am receiving for being Trafficked by the City of
Philadelphia Pennsylvania to the former President, William Jefferson Clinton
in exchange for political favors. I was Raped by the former President and
tortured in the United States of America. What an insult to injury!!! There
is no place I can escape harassment, not even in church! Release me and my
family now?

Mr. President, each night I close my eyes I pray for an answer to the
injustice I am suffering in America or my foreign diplomat, who I know will
come and save me. I can't understand why I am not even allowed an
Attorney/Client privilege, which I requested repetitiously; to no avail,
even before this all got started. No one is allowed to aid me even while my
rights are in violation PUBLICLY. I remember the Police watching me being
victimized daily and some assisted in the coercion. Why have I been denied
my freedom and pursuit of happiness with whom-ever I chose to be with? Why
am I being further exploited, forced to serve involuntary, coerced to
compromise my dignity, self respect and honor in defense of a man who has an
American Law Degree, was a Governor who signed Death Warrants to end the
lives of criminals like himself and was an American President two times
while in the process of violating me, the American Laws and the United
Nations' Charter. He and his cospiractors are currently in the process of
having me coerced to obstruct the American Laws. This man had Political
Power and Abused it and the American Constitution by committing High
Felonies against me and Crimes against Humanity. Why should I suffer his
Penalties by having my life inconvenienced further. How can I be made to
suffer insult to injury in America?

It's evident to me that I can't leave America and spend the rest of whatever
life I have left with the Gentleman I met because this would cause William
Jefferson Clinton to face Human Rights Violation charges at the Hague. And
Lord forbid that a White Criminal who is a former President of the United
States of America be prosecute for the inhumane sufferings he's been
inflicting on the American people for decades!

I want you, the World Leaders, Human Rights Advocates and the America People
to know that I don't know how much time I have left to live but I have
suffered a Cruel, Heartbreaking, Merciless ordeal in America at the hands of
some heinous, treacherous, wicked people because the Political Arena wanted
to protect a known Serial Rapist and Human Predator. The Government here
seems to thinks it is okay to rob a Black person of their life to prolong
justice against a Caucasian Criminal in America. I don't know if this kind
of Racial Hatred goes on in other countries but I hope the World will learn
from the devastating affects Racial Hatred in America has had on mine and
other innocent Black People lives' in America.

How is it that your office and the USA Congressional Officials (via of their
silence and lack of response.) sanction anymore harm coming to me and my
family while we are still suffering lawlessness, slander, mayhem and many
attempts on our lives. We are being tortured, assaulted, battered and denied
our Civil, Constitutional, Legal and Human Rights daily, while being
subjected to arbitrary arrest and involuntary servitude.

The real insult is, while being subjected to this form of illegal arbitrary
arrest, our family member is servicing a second tour of deputy in Iraq
because your Administration sent our troops there to rescue those people
from the same type of tyranny we have been suffering in America for over
fourteen years.

It is only to the Grace of God that I am surviving this heinous attempt to
cover up the facts about a predator and to save him further hardship.
Haven't I suffered enough?

The following statements are the least of what I have/am suffering. I am
constantly indirectly threatened that my financial resources will be
stopped. I am made to live in a poverty way because I have been reduced to
poverty as the City of Philadelphia Administrators' said I would be. I get
$10.00 a month of food stamps and I have to use shared transit so these
people can have contact with and abuse me further in their coercion at their
will. I am billed by hospitals even while they have my insurances on their
computer systems. At one point it was indicated that medical insurance would
be stopped if I don't go along with this injustice, which is Blackmail. I
have even been summoned to State Offices, even after all documentation
requested had been received by their offices, than after gettig there, I am
coerced to change my mind about leaving with the foreign diplomat, who I
consider to be "MY EVERYTHING", and sexually harassed. At one point I
couldn't even get my medication from the Pharmacy without being harassed and
instructed to assist in this corruption going on down here. Even when I went
to Doctor Miller on Woodland Avenue in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, after
being denied and treated very poorly at other offices, I was instructed that
I would have to see a Hematology Oncologist. When I called Dr. O.'s office I
was instructed to bring my test history and medical record. Dr. Miller's
office would not release my history to me. So Doctor O.'s office called and
insisted that I be allowed to view my history. Another time which indicates
a premeditated attempt to hide my condition from me was when I went to the
City Of Philadelphia's Health Center, at 43rd and Chester Avenue,
Philadelphia, PA. There I requested a AIDS test. The technician purposely
wrote down the wrong numbers on my blood. Then when the Test came back
negative, the Counselor tried to explain the difference in the numbers on my
blood in a way which cover up their intentions to deceive me. I tried to
send every document pertaining to that situation to the United Nations',
Human Rights Division, but I am sure you know that these people down here
would not allow my mail to be processed.

I also wanted you, Mr. President, George W. Bush, the Senate Judiciary
Committee, the International Court, the General Assembly as well as the
world, to know that even while I was sick and dying in many hospitals I was
tortured and told to lie or I was sexually harassed and assaulted in
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; so please remember this when voting to indict
William Jefferson Clinton for Human Rights Violations; and as well, when
voting to call back his Presidencies. And please for God's sake get
everybody involved???? What I have/am been/being subjected to is simply
outrageous to have/be happened/happening in America during the 21 Century. I
can't go anywhere without someone trying to hurt me in an attempt to force
me to cover up corruption or to force me to relinquish my association with
the Foreign Diplomat involved in my situation; by the way, I truly ADORE AND
WILL NEVER FORSAKE HIM! I REALLY CARE FOR HIM. If it had not have been for
him taking a interest in me the Clinton's and their conspirators would have
Murdered me.

Please, President, George W. Bush, release me and my family? I am burdened
with people insulting me constantly , negative people approaching me, and no
matter where I travel, there is always people harassing me on behalf of the
Clinton's. I don't want to live in the same Country with the Clinton's or
anyone who conspired to aid them in this conspiracy to rob me of my pursuit
of happiness or my longevity. That is why I feel he should be sent to the
Hague. And the rest of his conspirators' should be arrested for the rest of
their lives or exiled. The situation is so outrageous that at point I was
taken to stores (Pathmark being one of the stores involved.) where the
clerk's name would be Hillary, and the clerk would indicate to me which
criminal they preferred or I would be taken to places where I would be
purposely assaulted or abused. Cars would follow us and created intentional
accidents or I would be hands-on assaulted if I acted as if I wasn't going
along with the corruption voluntarily. The Police would stalk us and when
they couldn't find something

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