I am only one victim of many
Thu Aug 23, 2007 10:18

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Subject: I am only one victim of many of the Clinton Political Criminal Legacy!
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2007 13:03:31 -0400
From: Annajean HENRYHAND annajeanhenryhand@msn.com
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TO: President George W. Bush
Vice President Richard Cheney
FROM: Annajean Henryhand, A Tortured Victim

Date: 8/23/2007 10:55 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time

Subject: For what excuse have I been treated so inhumanely, slandered,
instructed to obstruct the American Laws in defense of the perpetrators who
violated me and informed the only way for America to make up with me is for
me to allow the perpetrators who violated me inhumanely to further slander
me and call me incompetent! Why am I denied protection from being further
harassed, insulted, exploited and targeted in America?

Dear Mr. President, George W. Bush, and Mr. Vice President, Richard Cheney:

I am constantly abused in a State of America which has been under your
jurisdiction for some time now. Even this morning I was indirectly asked to
camouflage my competency in defense of a well known sexual serial preyador.
For what excuse have I been treated so inhumanely, slandered, instructed to
obstruct the American Laws in defense of the perpetrators who violated me
and informed indirectly the only way for America to make up with me is for
me to allow the perpetrators who violated me to further slander me and rob
me of my Legal, Civil, Human and Constitutional Rights; this says nothing
about how falsifying my character or competency would affect my dignity,
self respect, honor and integrity. I am being propositioned and denied
protection from being further assaulted and insulted, harassed physically
and psychologically, exploited and targeted in America. I was informed
fourteen years ago that the Capital of America has seen video evidence which
made my innocents and competency proved to be exemplary and beyond reproach;
these facts were explicitly clear to the White House, House of
Representatives, Senate Judiciary Committee and the House of Representatives
Judiciary Committee. What can there be to work out. Why Have I Been Held
Hostage For Over fourteen (14) years and abused while in detainment? How can
there be any "Red Tape" involved when there is a conflict of interest
involving my safety in the environment in which I sustained ongoing Human
Rights Violations.

I am suffering intolerable offenses here in Pennsylvania while I'm trying to
"Survive". The Authorities here arrange for me to be placed in positions
where I am constantly targeted. I am harassed sexually, physically, and
psychologically tortured by perpetrators and their co-conspirators who have
already violated me. If the arrangements are not made for me to be harassed
while I am traveling than the harassment is brought into my living
environment. I am constantly indirectly asked to lie on behalf of Mr.
Clinton or to slander myself in behalf of his defense. No need to direct me
to some other Authority Figure, I have contacted every Law Authority Figure
in America, as I have no doubt you have checked or heard from them by now.
No matter what I say or how I detest the abuses and sexual harassment I am
enduring (because William Jefferson Clinton raped me and has solicited
Political aide in his illegal, indecent, immoral supposedly rewards for me
falling prey to his despicable ciriminal behavior,) I am still forced to
serve involuntary. This whole situation arose out of a convert attempt to
camouflage the Racial Injustice which was sanctioned by the Capital of
America during the Clinton Administration. My Constitutional, Civil, Legal
and Human Rights have been in violation since he (former President, William
Jefferson Clinton) was in office over fourteen (14) years ago, when he
conspired to have me stalked, drugged and kidnapped, then he raped me.
Afterwards I was slandered, stalked, targeted by every government agency in
America, exploited, sexually harassed, discriminated against, tortured,
reduced to poverty, subjected to arbitrary arrest, many attempts on my life
and such as the likes of a Enemy Combatant. I am only one victim of many
who happened to fall prey to an American corrupt President who is a sexual
perpetrator, Former President, William Jefferson Clinton. A history of
victims follow his Political legacy.

My name is Annajean Henryhand. I am a fifty-two year old Black African
American woman. I am competent and intelligent, as you can gather from this
email. I never broke any American Laws nor acted out of the range of a
normal competent Human Being, yet I have been held Hostage in America for
well over a decade without any Rights! I am writing you because I want to
know why you or your Administration has not stopped the injustice I am being
subjected too. I have been abused inhumanely for well over a decade in
America while the Authorities here try to camouflaged the actual reasons
their violating the American Constitution, the American Laws and the United
Nations' Charter with respect to my situation.To date, with all evidence
about the crimes I have faced at the hands of the Clinton Administration and
before-hand knowledge that I have been victimized inhumanely, I am still
held as a Political Hostage in America and forced to arbitrate illegally
with respect to the Laws of the U.S.A; in defense of the perpetrators.

Please note: I suffer with two terminal diseases from being repetitiously
premeditatedly chemically poisoned and tortured. I have Multi Myeloma and
Leukemia. I also have severe osteoporosis from the cancers eating up my bone
marrow. I have cancer tumors in ninety percent of my bones. I have vertebral
compressions and fractures in most of my bones, which makes me handicapped.
I have renal failure, and an enlarge heart and other heart complications. "I
STILL IN VIOLATION IN AMERICA". My blood cells will not reduplicate
themselves like any normal human's would, so I have to take Procrit
regularly , I have had a stem cell transplant in an attempt to save my life.
You should know that there are many medical procedures a candidate must
undergo before the final step to receive the Stem Cell Transplant. During
each procedures I underwent I was tortured and subjected to undo pain and
suffering; so much to the point that I had to be hospitalized due to unclean
surgical instruments, which cause me to have a blood clot from my neck to my
heart. And on one occasion the Doctor was drank! I was to afraid to stop the
procedure after smelling the alcohol because he had a knife in my neck. Mind
you, I was in extreme pain because I wasn't sedated properly. Than when I
underwent the procedure to have the port put in my chest by Dr. Williams at
University Of Pennsylvania, so I could receive Chemotherapy, while in the
recovery room a Technician (Oriental Woman) came and started punching me in
the spot where Dr. Williams had just input the port. Please note I called
Dr. Williams' Office many times to report the incident. This situation can
be check by the many phone calls made from my phone to Dr. Williams' office.
After having the main-line put in my chest so I could have dialysis, after
being released for a few weeks, I was instructed to attend a Dialysis
Center at 42nd Street, near Walnut Street, in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.
During each visit (Three times a week for three or sometimes four hours a
time.) I was abused premeditatedly. One incident that stands out in my mind
is, during one day after the Dialysis' Doctor examined me and left, I was
left with a Black woman name Sue. (Mind you, each time I went the staff
would sexually harass me into picking an American men. During which time I
just acted as if I didn't understand what they were indicating to me.) She
was training another employee. She instructed the employee in training to
turn down the temperature on the Dialysis' machine. He looked at her very
curiously and she looked back at him and shook her head in a motion of up
and down. At this time I was already hook up to the Dialysis Machine. My
blood began to become extremely cold to the point that I all most bit my
tongue off. I kept calling them and no one would come and help me as they
watched me suffer. Then after about a hour another woman came in and gave me
a blanket, because I yelled out as I asked for a phone to call my children.
The guy who Sue told to turn down the temperature on my machine came back
and turn it up again. Please note I want them prosecuted to the fullest
extent of the Law. Another time I was instructed to eat certain foods when I
got there by technicians which cause me to vomit severely. Please note I had
told Sue that I had just eaten before I came there and that if I over ate I
would be sick. She insisted I eat these peanutbutter crackers and some kind
of jello which made me extremely sick. Another incident was when I was not
allowed to use the restroom until I almost had a accident. During some of
these incidents someone called the Social Worker name Trice, who now works
at University Hospital on the Cancer Unit. Whenever Trice would come over
she would stand there and look at all of the staff working there standing
around. Than they started treating me okay as long as Trice was there.
Whenever I tried to write about this situation whoever is in charged would
have my work destroyed or stolen. Whenever I would try to mail information
by U.S. Postal Service in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the employee would not
mail my information to the United Nations or to the people I was trying to
contact to protect me. (At one point they came to my door and said, "you are
not going to send a good Cop to jail.") Then the people in charge down here
would send people to my front door to brag about the denial of services,
just like they did when I tried to get a ticket from the Grey Hound Bus
Station with all documentation required. Yet I was denied a ticket to leave
America and go to Canada. I want you to know while I am kept here against my
will I am still being targeted and abused COVERTLY. Even whenever the
Ambulance would come to get me (I couldn't walk than because I was never
allowed treatment for the many aliments I am suffering from while I was
being murdered via dying from cancers due to being premeditatedly poisoned
in Pennsylvania until I was at death's door step. And even then I was
tortured.) the driver would purposely make my ride uncomfortable. One of the
people would sit in the back with me and the other would drive. The most
heinous trip was when a Caucasian woman and man pick me up from the Dialysis
Center at 42nd Street. The first thing that happened was they were an hour
or so late. (Please remember I am in extreme pain in any position my body
is in all the time. I didn't complain because I knew I was in a very bad
position and no one was going to help me and my family because we are black
and the criminals were White and Democrats and because at other hospitals I
was tortured, sexually harassed, denied services and mistreated with respect
to my medical situation. I believe I am treated so poorly because these
Tyrants are trying to keep me from informing the United Nations about the
attempted Genocide.) Than they (the Ambulance Attendents) put me into the
Ambulance. During the trip coming home, the woman set in the back with me.
As the Driver went over pot-holds and slammed me around (which caused
extreme pain) the women who sat with me kept indicating to me that I should
pick someone aiding the Clinton's. In fact, she felt I wasn't paying her any
attention so she came over into my face while I was on the stretcher and
with her mouth formed the words "Pick", and rubbed her face. Even now while
I travel by Shared Transit, I am coerced to aid in this tyranny and I am
abused, as you can gather from the many Emails I have sent you and CEO's of
the companies involved.***Some of my emails and letters to you and other
people may need corrections because when I am writing about the horrible
experiences I am enduring I become terrified over again do to reliving the
frightening experiences and suffering from extreme pain. So I beg your
pardon if my writing become confusing; I am writing with an awesome burden,
a silent tear and I feel death is unavoidable and near. Even with all I am
enduring and the extreme attempt to fight these cancers and the many medical
ailments I am suffering from - from being tortured, there is no one who can
say how long this temporary recline in cancer cells in my body will last.
Please remember that I have many more physical complications which degrade
the Human Body's Capacity to function regularly from being tortured to
conceal the facts about William Jefferson Clinton's despicable criminal
behavior. I reiterate, I feel premature death is unavoidable, not to mention
the pain and added suffering I am enduring in my quest for longevity, nor
the doctors who tried to slander me and mistreated me on behalf of the

At this present time, I am still being harassed on William Jefferson
Clinton's behalf. In the residence I am living, we, my family and I, are
harassed to prostitute our religious belief and force to be apart of this
corruption and sexual harassment which consist of sinning. If I go to church
I am harassed in church by followers' of the Clinton's, so I don't go
offten. Yet every Sunday or whatever day the Political Arena in America
chooses to serve, we find the political leaders in their house of Faith
worshiping; pretending to be following the Fore-Father's of America's quote,
"One Nation Under God." All for (PPR) Political Press Relations. Just like
we saw former President William Jefferson Clinton sitting in a church after
he raped me and while he was still having me tortured. This is why I was
exploited; so the criminals would have my whereabouts at any given time. On
many occasions family members were instructed to place me in position where
I would suffer abuse and be tortured. These facts have already been sent to
the United Nations via Sealed Depositions, as well as other Authority
Figures in America.

Many attempt have been made on my life long before the public became aware
of the conspiracy to slander me, hold me hostage and camouflage murdering
me. The attempt to murder me to conceal the covert criminal behaviors of the
Clinton Administration and co-conspirators didn't work, so I have just been
held and forced to serve involuntary for fourteen (14) years. During which
time I was/am suffered/ suffering many major medical problems due to being
Terrorized, Tormented and Tortured by fellow Americans in defense of a known
perpetrator who committed High Felonies against me and my Human Rights. (
former President, William Jefferson Clinton.) Yet, I am still being
violated. How can I be repetitiously violated with the Worlds Avengers' (who
are the most powerful country in the world) knowledge of the abuses ongoing?
If I sound like I am repeating my circumstances, please forgive me.

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