Operation FALCON: Federal and Local Cops Organized Nationa
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Operation FALCON: Federal and Local Cops Organized Nationally

Operation FALCON is a nationwide fugitive apprehension operation coordinated by the United States Marshals Service (USMS). The resources of federal, state, city and county law enforcement agencies are combined to locate and apprehend criminals wanted for crimes of violence.

Operation FALCON represents a continuing series of historically successful national fugitive apprehension missions, which have resulted in the collective capture of more than 30,000 dangerous fugitive felons during three total weeks.

The original FALCON I proved the efficacy of the cooperative law enforcement model, which seeks to multiply the positive impact of law enforcement at all jurisdictional levels. The emphasis centered on gang related crimes, homicides, crimes involving use of a weapon, crimes against children and the elderly, crimes involving sexual assaults, organized crime and drug related fugitives, and other crimes of violence.

FALCON II reaffirmed and built upon the success of the initial FALCON effort, achieving a comparable level of total arrests, while covering only one-half the geographic area of the first nationwide operation. Moreover, FALCON II focused on combating a particular category of fugitive offender. The results of this innovation speak for themselves, as FALCON II investigators successfully removed more than 1,100 dangerous sex offenders from America’s streets.

FALCON III continued to advance these important efforts, and focused heavily on the danger posed by fugitive felons who fail to register as sex offenders, as well as those with gang affiliations. FALCON III covered the eastern half of the United States, with 48 federal districts in 24 states participating. FALCON III resulted in the apprehension of 10,733 fugitive felons, ensuring the continuing safety of America’s communities.

Operation Statistics FALCON I *
April 4-10, 2005 FALCON II
April 17-13, 2006 FALCON III
October 22-28, 2006 Total
Fugitives Arrested 10,340 9,03 10,733 30,110
Warrants Cleared 13,851 10,419 13,333 37,603
Sex Offenders Arrested 553 1,102 1,659 3,314
Gang Members Arrested 154 163 364 681
FALCON Team Members
(daily average) 3,100 2,126 3,100 -
Federal Agencies 25 25 30 -
State Agencies 206 120 103 -
Local Agencies 366 312 482 -
County Agencies 362 330 430 -

* Operation covered entire United States

Operation FALCON III: Federal and Local Cops Organized Nationally

All told, within one week an average of 3,000 law enforcement officers worked each day during this very special show of force, arresting 10,773 fugitives and clearing 13,333 warrants.

The citizens of the United States are always best served when law enforcement agencies work together for the common good. Teamwork was the key during this seven-day initiative.

* 1063 different agencies participated
* 30 federal agencies
* 103 state agencies
* 430 county sheriff's offices/departments
* 482 police departments, and
* 18 foreign agencies.
* Within the Marshals Service, 48 districts in 24 states as well as the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico were involved in this operation.
* All told, an average of 3,000 law enforcement officers worked each day during this very special show of force.


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