Virginia Tech Massacre Report: Another Coverup?
Sun Aug 26, 2007 23:17

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK * 26 AUGUST 2007 Citizen of the USA Stephen M. St. John addresses the international community in Washington and here in New York City, all members of the US Congress as well as other organizations and individuals, public and private, and, in advance of this week's scheduled release of Virginia Governor Timothy Kaine's report on the 16 April 2007 Virginia Tech massacre, notes once again that alleged assassin Seung-Hui Cho's mad act effectively diverted public attention from new reports on old atrocities ordered and carried out by US forces against Korean civilians in late July 1950.

In what seems to be a marvelous coincidence, on 13 April 2007 -- just three days before Cho is said to have gone on his murderous rampage -- ABC News carried an unsourced Associated Press report alleging the Pentagon's admission that its 2001 report on the massacre of Korean civilians at No Gun Ri withheld crucial evidence of intentional war crimes. See

Thus did Cho -- a Korean American -- avert a public relations disaster for the Pentagon in this long simmering controversy and thereby turned the tables so that Koreans -- and not Americans -- were offering profuse and profound apologies the following week. Citizen St. John fears that Governor Kaine's advisors will have steered him away from this salient fact.

Earlier, on 11 January 2001, in his last days in office, President Clinton addressed the Korean people in terms of sympathy and concern arising from 1999 Associated Press reports of eyewitness testimonies of wartime atrocities at No Gun Ri and many other places in southern Korea. Clinton ordered an investigation, but, in the opinion of many Koreans (among others), his successor, "war president" and "decider" George W. Bush, followed through with a whitewash.

Indeed, Bush & Company have used unprecedented levels of fraud and force to forge unjustified quarrels against nations so as to destroy them for their wealth. A military intelligence "black operation" to neutralize the feared impact of bad publicity from the 13 April Associated Press allegation about the Pentagon's stance on No Gun Ri would be entirely consistent with this Bush Cabal that has successfully stoked civil war in Iraq by means of "black false flag operations" carried out by elements of its public and private occupation forces.

In such a scenario, Seung-Hui Cho would have been a national asset, like a card ready to be played. Virginia Tech hosts "The Farm," where mind control experimentation is conducted under the aegis of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. When the massacre occured, Virginia Tech was involved in an earlier stage of operation Noble Resolve, which was again conducted just last week in the Portland, Oregon area. Such operations have been known to "go live" before, as on 9/11, when NORAD was apparently infiltrated and stood down during multiple drills against terrorist attacks. The Strangegloves of DARPA are most likely to know the whereabouts of Cho's missing computer hard drive.

If this is a wild and irresponsible conspiracy theory, then why hasn't any commentator in either the mainstream media or even the alternative media raised the issue of the Associated Press report on the Pentagon and No Gun Ri if only as a purely coincidental circumstance that perhaps triggered Seung-Hui Cho's decision to kill so many people three days later? After all, observers say it is the younger generation of Koreans -- Cho's generation -- who most resent the war crimes, whereas the older generation are cautious about stirring trouble and continue to look forward.

The conspiracy of silence is deafening and raises important questions about the professionalism and integrity of the news media. It took four days to get Cho's names straight. Strategic implications were ignored in favor of the all too familiar fare: the pros and cons of gun control; weapons oriented computer video games; psychotropic drugs; psychological guesswork; the lengthy history of seemingly purposeless massacres in the English-speaking world.

Only a few researchers on the Internet have raised the issue of mind control with respect to Virginia Tech massacre even though DARPA's footprints are up and down the Shenandoah Valley, not far from Washington, where America's leaders still need to face the hard truth about 9/11 and the psychopathic Zionist Neoconservative quest for world domination by any and all means. With specific reference to the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon, the NORAD stand-down is a distraction pure and simple. On 9/11, Cheney oversaw a stand-down of a perfectly capable missile defense system for the Pentagon, which was witnessed unwittingly by Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta when the approaching "American Airlines Flight 77" was at least "fifty miles out."

What occupation can do to a people is also quite relevant to the Virginia Tech massacre and is perhaps best illustrated at the United Nations, where the new Secretary General hails from a divided and occupied Korea, where an unseemly reticence to secure historical truth and justice suppresses the more serious issue of war crimes against Koreans and favors intense scrutiny of Cho and his highly unusual act. Moreover, the Security Council has taken on a bizarre configuration of 1 plus 5 with occupied Germany, a nation that overturned Munir Motassadeq's two successful appeals on the strength of a US government official's summation of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's supposed testimony that had been consistently denied all along to Motassadeq's defense lawyers in open court. Is this any way to teach democracy dance steps to the people of, say, Palestine, who are squashed under a two ton gorilla, the Zionist occupation forces?

Since at least as far back as the Korean War, right up to the current artificial war on terrorism, elements within the Armed Forces of the USA have employed this modus operandi: Shoot 'em all dead and let God sort them out later. Now it is time to reflect on this and to admit that such a modus operandi is immoral and illegal and does not reflect real American values. This is what should be highlighted in Governor Kaine's forthcoming report.

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