Brasscheck TV: The deepest secret
Sat Aug 18, 2007 12:56

Brasscheck TV

Brasscheck TV: The deepest secret
>What do Presidents John F. Kennedy, James Garfield
>and Abraham Lincoln, and Congressman Louis McFadden
>all have in common?
>They all believed in the necessity of
>dismantling what has evolved into what is
>now known as the Federal Reserve Banking System
>("The Fed")
>They were unique in that they all had the
>understanding and power to act on their
>beliefs, but never got the chance to because
>they were assassinated before got the chance.
>What's the big deal about the Fed?
>For starters, it's not, contrary to
>popular belief, a part of the government.
>It's privately owned...which means the
>United States does not control its
>own money supply.
>Strange but true.
>The Fed was created around the same time
>that the US adopted such charming practices
>as taxing the income of working people
>and conscripting its citizens against
>their will to fight and die in overseas
>Who really rules America? It's not who
>you think.
>- Brasscheck
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