The Bilderberg Plan - Control Oil, Control People
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August 18, 2007
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The Bilderberg Plan - Control Oil, Control People
The first very memorable "oil crisis" occurred in 1973. Nixon, obedient to his handlers, announced the demonetization of the dollar on August 15, 1971. This allowed time for the "real deciders" to plan their strategy. Eighty-four individuals, financial, corporate and political elitists, gathered at Saltsj÷baden, Sweden for the annual Bilderberg meeting. American attendee, Walter J. Levy, outlined the plan for a pending 400% increase in OPEC revenues, the exact percentage that Kissinger would demand of Saudi Arabian Shah. Their intentions were....
by Deanna Spingola

Public Schools - Pagan Religion Indoctrination Centers
Many public schools have become pagan religion indoctrination centers. These schools now teach children anti-Judeo-Christian beliefs and pagan religions, and try to mold children's minds through the latest techniques in behavioral psychology. Here are two examples of......
by Joel Turtel

Newark Triple Murder Reveals Need For Fathers
Kids yearn for the love and discipline of their fathers, and dads long to be with their children. So where on the road to a kinder, gentler society did things begin to go a-kilter? The wellspring of the problem can be traced to the advent of no-fault divorce, relaxed sexual mores that gave rise to out-of-wedlock births, and the legacy of Great Society programs that diminished father’s roles........
by Carey Roberts


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