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Katrina 1yr anniversary
Thu Aug 24, 2006 20:46

As the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina approaches, I will try AGAIN to get Americans and others to look at:


the "weird science" place for NASA research/experiments (click on the r/side "funded projects" and READ the alpha listing of ALL the projects since it began in 1/1998; very interesting--i.e.,growing food on Mars, et al).

In 2003, "Ross Hoffman" was granted research money for his liftime sci-fi dream reality of making and controlling hurricanes. This was done in 2 phases (the regular protocal for NASA research if awarded)with each phase paying Hoffman approximately $250,000 or more.

You can read and follow his research AND his travels (after completion of Phase II)on behalf of NASA regarding his developing and controlling hurricanes.

THis was put into ACTUAL preformance with 2005's hurricane Katrina AND Rita (explains Rita's sudden "turn to the right" as it approached Houston).

This why FEMA stood down at Baton Rouge, LA, as Katrina came inland; why Katrina kept growing in strength and then weakening over and over, this is why it took almost 4 days for Katrina to come ashore; this is why experimental catagory 5 hurriane "Pam" was exercised in July, 2004,my Michael Brown/FEMA (using New Orleans as the "experimental" siteunder with projected levee breaking 65,000 people dead as a result).

THEY KNEW BEFORE THE HURRIANE CAME ASHORE WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN and then when the levees didn't collapse as PREDICTED, the gov had them literally blown up to cause the massive damage to New Orleans that "they" wanted.

WHY you may ask? Because of the undeveloped/drilled oil reserves under that area.

This is WHY to date New Orleans has STILL not been progressively rebuilt as should have by this late date.

In fact, early on, there were stories of displaced New Orleans property owners being offered below market value amounts for their property by FEMA.

WHY? Because the U.S. gov wants the land for oil development; the gov does not want New Orleans rebuilt.

Do a google search for the name Ross Hoffman, see what you get. LOTS and LOTS of reputable info out there.

Folks, NASA proved last year that man made weather control works. Lyndon Johnson was quoted decades ago: "If you can control the weather, you can control a nation."

THis theory was used in the "Left Behind Series" by the anitchrist to cause submission of nations.

This theory is being used TODAY!

The most recent usage was the huge typhoon into China last month BECAUSE China is in current conflict/argumentation w/the U.S.

Also, at NASA google search you will find info regarding contracts w/the DOD for weapon usage, etc.

I found (in a NASA search for mind control) info regarding MIND CONTROL experimentation being done at NASA (makes me wonder about Andrea Yates and her drowning her 5 babies; her husband was working and had been (probably still is)working for NASA for some time; mind control experiment?.

Yes, NASA is/has worked/completed work for the DOD/Dept. of Army regarding robotic soldiers to do dasterly deeds in Iraq (i.e. the recent arrest and forthcoming trial of the 7 marines who raped and killed the young Iraqi female and her entire family). Do you REALLY think that that many soldiers would participate in such an action IF they were thinking within the realms of "normal" behavior? I don't think so.

Go search; see what YOU find regarding the mind control regarding our troops in Iraq and Afghanistein. THIS is real and scary!!

PLEASE research the above items. It is very important for everyone to know what is truly going on at NASA, the military, the public, etc.

NASA is bigger than you think.

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