New York City Friday, Sept. 8th through Mon. Sept. 11th
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A. Upcoming Events (for more news & events see

Better Hide in Your Undisclosed Location, Cheney--
New York and Washington, DC Actions Coming Up!

New York City Friday, Sept. 8th through Mon. Sept. 11th

Be part of history.
Come to NYC for the 5th anniversary of 9/11, the new Pearl Harbor event that shocked and awed the world.

The weekend will be one mass demonstration of 9/11 truth actions from Fri. evening Sept. 8th through Mon. Sept. 11 comprised of keynote speaker events, films, forums, and outreach actions!

Partial speaker list*:
Alex Jones, Bob Bowman, Barrie Zwicker, Ralph Shoenman, Ian Woods, Barbara Honegger, William Pepper, Wayne Madsen, Jesse Richard, Jim Fetzer, Dr. Faiz Kahn, Kevin Barrett, Jim Marrs

On the Sunday, Sept. 10th we’ll preview Loose Change Final Cut and be entertained by Immortal Technique.

On Mon. the 11th, we need to have thousands of truth patriots in black T-shirts at Ground Zero, New York Cityat 8 am for a dignified, respectful display of solidarity with the victims and their families.

Let's end the cover-up, investigate the evidence, and create a wave of justice to prosecute the real crimes!
Join us as we make September "9/11 Breakthrough Month"
on the street, on the web, and in the eyes of the world.


Make plans NOW!
for overview, schedule and NYC info.
Check back every week for updates.

Washington, D.C. Mon. Sept. 11th-Sunday Sept.17th

Join us with Rick Siegel and other luminaries in Washington DC starting Sept 11, 2006 for a week of music, culture, education and change as American rises to the task of redress of their government. There is scant time left to the task and now is the time for all good Americans to come to the aid of their country.

B. News Roundup

1. Christian Science Monitor article, Barrett's response

Teacher's radical 9/11 views raise red flags
A university lecturer casts doubt that terrorists plotted the attacks. Is that academic freedom?
By Amanda Paulson | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

To the Editors,

In her August 18th article about me, Amanda Paulson writes:
"According to Kevin Barrett, the US government planned and carried out
the 9/11 attacks..." I do not think this, and have never said this. I think some (presumably very few) top US officials orchestrated the attacks. The distinction is crucial. To accuse a whole government of such a crime would be ridiculous.

Paulson writes that "the university has been deluged with e-mails against Barrett" without mentioning that they have also been deluged with emails in my favor. If my own 90%-positive email (much of which consists of copies of letters to the University) is any indication, the hostile emails are mostly obscene or illiterate grunts, while the positive ones are reasoned arguments from evidence.

Paulson cites witch-hunting assemblyman Steve Nass: "This isn't academic freedom. This person can't substantiate his views." Nass's statement is not just false and defamatory, but absurd, because he refuses to even examine my substantiation. I have repeatedly challenged Rep. Nass to debate me on this issue, and he has repeatedly refused. I have cited dozens of books, hundreds of articles, dozens of photos, and hours of video and audio recordings. (Much of this evidence is available for examination at the Scholars for 9/11 Truth website, I served as lead editor for the scholarly book 9/11 and the American Empire: Christians, Jews and Muslims Speak Out, which includes my own copiously-referenced article.

Paulson's article seems designed to make my views sound immature and extremely unusual--the province of "teenage conspiracy theorists." But a recent Scripps-Howard poll: showed that 36% of the American people, i.e. almost one hundred million Americans--far more than voted for Bush in the last election, even if we believe the un-auditable Diebold voting machines--believe that it is either "very likely" or "somewhat likely" that top US officials orchestrated or aided the 9/11 attacks in order to create a pretext for war in the Middle East. And a Zogby poll (May 2006) showed that those who are well-informed are far more likely to disbelieve the official story than those who are not.


Kevin Barrett

2. "Let's Roll" Our Eyeballs!
UK Terror Case Tops "Fatty Bin Laden" on Absurd-o-meter

by Kevin Barrett, (followed by Galbraith, Steele, Morgan, and Ahmed articles)

Even CIA disinfo rag The Nation magazine--home of David Corn, the notorious 9/11 truth denier and fawning biographer of CIA drug mob honcho and prime JFK suspect Ted Shackley--can't quite believe that another 19 magical Muslims were going to somehow sneak onto transatlantic jetliners with no passports, no tickets, no bombs, no chemicals, nada--and somehow, for some reason, blow themselves and their fellow passengers to kingdom come...perhaps by squeezing a little bit of toothpaste into their shampoo, shaking the mixture violently, and screaming "Allahu akbar!"

Prediction: If the American sheeple accept this one, the next "terror plot" will involve Muslims with exploding genitalia, and all passengers will undergo strip-searches at the security gate. Security personnel will be trained to leer and point at naked crotches, force passengers into Abu Ghaib style naked human pyramids, and otherwise demonstrate the passengers' mindless submission to equally mindless authority.

And that, of course, is what all this is really about. Even if there WERE any Muslim knuckleheads stupid enough to think attacks on airline passengers would help their cause, yet smart enough to pull off successful plane downings (and there obviously are not) the number of deaths they could conceivably cause, in the absolute worst case analysis, would be a minuscule fraction of a few weeks' traffic fatalities. So please tell the morons and the sheeple you know that EVEN IF THERE WERE NO AIRLINE SECURITY WHATSOEVER, THE RISK YOU WOULD BE TAKING BY DRIVING TO AND FROM THE AIRPORT WOULD BE FAR GREATER THAN THE RISK YOU WOULD BE TAKING BY GETTING ON A PLANE WITHOUT PASSING THROUGH ANY KIND OF SECURITY AT ALL. If you're too stupid to figure that out, or too paralyzed by the fantasy fears you've been brainwashed into feeling, you are a pathetic excuse for a human being.

And speaking of "let's roll," anyone who's still stupid enough to believe the "let's roll" Hollywood-style legend about Flight 933 and its "heroic passengers" needs to be slapped upside the head and forced to read Rowland Morgan's conclusive debunking--scroll down for the short version.

So "let's roll"...on the floor laughing. And then let's storm the pilot's cabin of this insane fascist airliner we're stuck on, overpower the psychotic Captain Cheney and his whole sick neocon crew, and land the plane safely back at the airport of constitutional democracy.

--Kevin Barrett, 8/24/06

* * *

August 16, 2006
The Nation

The UK Terror Plot: Could This Case Blow Up?
[note: the "bombs" sure couldn't! scroll down to next story. --KB]
by James K. Galbraith

Let's see... It's August. Bush is in Crawford on a "working vacation." His polls are in the tank. Congress is in revolt. The economy is going soft. The next elections don't look good. Cheney is off in Wyoming, or wherever he goes. It's 2001. No, it's 2006.

In The 18th Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte, Marx reports that "Hegel writes somewhere" that the great events of history tend to occur twice, first as tragedy and then as farce.

On September 11, nineteen hijackers commandeered four airplanes and succeeded in killing some 3,000 people. On August 10, we are told, British authorities upended a suicide-murder plot aimed at destroying twelve airplanes, killing everyone on board including the bombers, possibly with more fatalities than on 9/11. As a senior British police official put it, "This was intended to be mass murder on an unimaginable scale."

From all official statements so far, we are led to believe that August 10 was a highly developed, far-advanced conspiracy, under surveillance for some time, which could have been put into action within just a few days. And perhaps 8/10 really was the biggest thing since 9/11. But then again, perhaps it wasn't. We don't know yet. And it's not too early to ask the questions on which final judgment must depend.

Well, then. Here is a checklist of some things we should shortly be hearing about. Bombs. Chemicals. Detonators. Labs. A testing ground. Airline tickets. Passports. Witnesses. Suspicious neighbors. Suspicious parents. Suspicious friends. Threats. Confessions. Let me spell this out: By definition, you cannot bomb an aircraft unless you have a bomb. In this case, we are told that there were no bombs; rather, the conspirators planned to bring on board the makings of a bomb: chemicals and a detonator. These would be mixed on board.

Exactly what the chemicals were remains unclear. Nitroglycerin has been suggested, but it's too likely to go off on the way to the airport. TATP, made of acetone and peroxide, has been suggested, but there are two problems. One is that the peroxide required is highly concentrated--it's not the 3 percent solution from the drugstore. The other is that acetone is highly volatile. As anyone who flies knows, you can't open a bottle of nail polish remover on an airplane without everyone within twenty feet knowing at once. It's possible to imagine one truly dedicated and competent bomber pulling this off. But it is impossible to imagine twenty-four untrained people between the ages of 17 and 35 all getting away with the same trick at once.

So, there must have been training. That means there must be a lab, or labs. There must have been trial bombs. There must be various bits and pieces of equipment used to mix the chemicals and set them off. There must be a manual. There must be a testing ground. And each one of the young men under arrest must have been to these places. Interestingly, it must have all happened, too, without a serious accident, injury or death among the conspirators. If so, they are a lot more competent than the Weather Underground ever was, in my day.

Arrests were made at night, catching the culprits at home. Houses have been raided, and are being searched. So far as we know at this point, no bombs have been found. No chemicals. No equipment. No labs. No testing ground. Maybe this will come out later, but it hasn't so far, even though the authorities seem anxious to tell just about everything they know.

Now, in order to get on an airplane, even the most devout suicide terrorist needs a ticket, and these generally must be purchased with money. Apparently, not one ticket had been purchased by the detainees. One little-known feature of airline security (in the United States, anyway) is that people traveling on one-way tickets bought at the last minute get special scrutiny at the gate. Those tickets are also (a lot) more expensive. If you want to pass unnoticed, you will buy your ticket round-trip, in advance, and also save money like everyone else. Actually, if you didn't know this already, you're not fit to be let out of the house.

Further, to get on an international flight from Britain to the United States, in these days of the modern nation-state, you need something else. It's a document called a passport. Apparently, some of the detainees don't have them. Someone lacking a passport can, I think, safely be excluded from the ranks of potential suicide bombers of UK-to-US flights. They could, of course, have a counterfeit or be operating in a support role--but so far we are not being told of any counterfeit documents or any support operation. And to pass security you would use a different person to carry each chemical you needed. For twelve flights, that's twenty-four people.

As for the suspicious parents, friends and neighbors--it's technically possible that the bombers' security was so excellent that none existed. It's just that, in dealing with young people swept up in a fervor of religious hatred, the odds are extremely low. Of all the Islamic groups, Hezbollah in Lebanon is the only one that maintains effective military security, which it does by isolating its fighters as completely as possible from the civilian population. But these young men were picked up at home; they were well-known and yet apparently suspected by no one at all.

As to threats: A joke going around the Manchester Airport on August 10 was that at least the IRA would remember to call. What's the point of a suicide bombing if no one knows what it's for? The downing of twelve airplanes would be horrific to those on them (including me, as it happened), but it wouldn't put a dent in Western capitalism. It would have to be part of a much larger, ongoing, unstoppable campaign. Otherwise, why bother? A once-off attack shows the weakness, not the capacity, of the plotters, and in the end it strengthens not them but the governments they attack. After 9/11, terrorists should know this.

Finally, confessions. Twenty-four suspects have been arrested, according to some reports. Nineteen have been named. Happily, the detainees were taken alive. Unlike the man arrested in Pakistan, we may presume (I trust) that they are not being tortured. Therefore, they will have a chance to make an uncoerced statement of their intentions in open court. By then the authorities will have found the labs, testing grounds, airline tickets and passports. Credible witnesses too will have emerged. By then the young zealots will have no expectation of acquittal or mercy, and nothing to lose. We may therefore confidently expect them to face the judges and declare exactly what their motives and intentions were. If they do that, I'll eat my hat.

In short: Could this case blow up? Could it turn out to have been an overreaction, a mistake--or even a hoax? Yes, it could, and it wouldn't be the first one, either. I'm not saying it will, necessarily. I'm not accusing the British authorities of bad faith. I'm not suggesting the plot was faked--at least, not by them. But dodgy informants and jumpy politicians are an explosive mixture, easily detonated under pressure. Everyone knows that.

* * *

Liquid Bombers Prove: 'They Hate Our Freedoms!'

By Edgar J. Steele

Muslims were planning to blow up a bunch of jetliners enroute from London to America - or so say George Bush and Tony Blair.

Muslims without tickets.

Muslims without passports.

Muslims without bombs.

Muslims without a clue ... and they aren't the only ones, it turns out. Without a clue, that is.

What kind of bombs? TATP bombs, short for triacetone triperoxide. What's more, Bush and Blair told us that Muslims favor the TATP bomb, mixed on the spot with separate liquids. With that lie, both Bush and Blair foreclosed any possibility that the Muslims involved actually were guilty. With that lie, both Bush and Blair disclosed themselves for the treasonous, lying criminals that they are. Why? Glad you asked.

To Build the Impossible Bomb

You see ... it can't be done. It quite simply cannot be done. Not in any airplane toilet. Not with any resources that might be available aboard any airplane other than Tom Swift's Flying Lab. Not with the time afforded by a Trans-Atlantic flight. And certainly - not by anybody without chemistry lab training and experience - not under the circumstances claimed, anyway.

If Muslims favor TATP bombs - and there is evidence to support the claim that Muslims use TATP bombs - then Muslims who might do so know full well the limitations and hazards inherent to such an explosive. No Muslim in his right mind would attempt what has been claimed, because he would know it can't be done - and, believe me, doing it under any circum

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