Is this why Popular Mechanics canceled some appearances?
Fri Aug 25, 2006 17:58

POPULAR MECHANICS: Re: 9/11 Debunking the Debunkers —"The Charles Goyette Show", Wed Aug 23 14:39;article=103966;title=APFN

Is this why Popular Mechanics canceled some appearances?

Listen to this MP3 file of Popular Mechanics on the Charles Goyette
show in Phoenix. Charles has him backpedaling big time. Pass this
MP3 file to any one who is leaning on Popular Mechanics to support
their continued belief in the official story


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Subject: Re: POPULAR MECHANICS: Re: 9/11 Debunking the Debunkers
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 14:41:34 EDT

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Since I have respect for APFN and since I saw your link on their site, I will do some fishing to see if Popular Mechanics is yet another "False Flag."

Please review those who have already qualified as one at this link captioned:

"Cliff's FARR Side"

Once you read enough of the PICS captions you will get a clear picture of what it takes to be in this class. You might even be taken back by who I have listed there now. Make sure you click on to each PIC to get an even more precise picture.

Since I'm giving Popular Mechanics the benefit of the doubt here, I'd like to list this link which pretty much sizes up the true intent of the Communist Main Stream Media here in America today. It's captioned:

"AMERICA'S MAINSTREAM MEDIA TODAY";article=735;show_parent=1

Does the Popular Mechanics fit into the above captioning?

Or this one;

"The AM" (Alternative Media)

So as not to be wasting your time with all this information and being
consistent with your main purpose being on APFN i.e. 9/11, I will set down yet another link relative to the 9/11 issue that seems to be the rage on the net. The caption for this page is End Days. You see 9/11 is just part of the big picture of what is really happening in America and the world. Even the Border Site dummies cannot get it in their heads that illegal immigration although is a major problem for us all, it too is only just a piece of the puzzle that once the puzzle is finally complete, then you have the end of days prophecy which is foretold in Biblical Prophecy and the rise of antichrist. No one save the AM wants to see this BIGGER PICTURE as far as what is causing all of this EVIL
and how to STOP it!

They simply want to whine to the chorus of do nothing but whine fools!!

Or worse elect another corrupted politician!

Tell me Popular Mechanics, if you go on a hunting trip with the intent of bear hunting, do you take fishing poles and tackle to catch bears?

Perhaps this analogy sounds a bit off the wall but if you think about it, it's actually right on target!! To kill the bear you need a high powered rifle or the bear will simply run off or kill you. But if you are having problems discerning what the bear IS or LOOKS LIKE, then you are in the False Flags mode and have been dumbed down by them to the truth behind all this evil. Unfortunately 99% of American's don’t even know what the bear looks like much less how to kill it. How dumb is that?

Consider if it looks like a Zionist, murders/kills like a Zionist, subverts/defiles like a Zionist, hates God and everything Christen like a Zionist, wants to rule the planet like a Zionist, thinks it is the chosen like a Zionist, lies/uses America like a Zionist, praises Satan like a Zionist, then it must be a fish and therefore one needs to bring a fishing pole to catch and destroy it.


Sorry to diverge off topic this far here when all the Popular Mechanics wants is to key in on just a piece of the puzzle to all of this EVIL permeating around us. Thus I will now cut to the chase and list this Piece for you.
It's properly captioned

"Days End."

If Popular Mechanics wants to see the entire picture to this malevolent puzzle, then I beseech you to review it in it's entirety at the following web site. The title would not seem to be relevant to the topic of 9/11 but that of the illegal immigration issues. Interesting the fact that it started out that way and as the pieces of the puzzle, at least for me, began to reveal their ugly faces and I began to put them into place, I saw the most disturbing face of true EVIL that until now was not made known to me before.

I can assure you however the site has the most toxic venom for any who want to know the truth about Zionism the KEY to the entire puzzle. If you don't want to be bitten by the truth, then don't visit this mild non threatening little site captioned;

”Support Border”

The finale then is this link Captioned;

"The Most Dangerous Web Site/BLOG in America"

It will be interesting to see how the Popular Mechanics responds to

this email from me today...........or NOT!!

If it is the latter then there is yet another addition to my False Flags section.

What will it be Popular Mechanics??

Cliff Lindquist

Remember if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, according to the border site dummies, it’s obviously A FISH!

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