Liquid explosive and warning of "India bombing"
Sat Aug 26, 2006 17:19

428. Liquid explosive and warning of "India bombing" (8/15/06)

Liquid explosive bombing is not newly invented. There was a "Bojinka" plot which said that Al Qaida prepared to use liquid explosive to bomb 11 US air-liners over the Pacific Ocean in 1995 .

The question is why Al Qaida hadn't carry out "Bojinka" then or since but delayed it until 11 years later? Why US intelligence didn't ban liquid in carry on luggage in 1995 but now make a fuss?

Because the biggest mind behind Al Qaida is the Inside Group. You can see so said "Al Qaida attack" all benefit to the ruling class, from motives to timing. "911 attack" justified for the Mid-east war by Bush. "Bali bombing and French tanker bombing" aimed to push Australia and France to support Iraq war. "Madrid bombing" aimed to help in election. "London bombing" was used to justify a coming "terror attack in US on 9/24/05". What advantage did Al Qaida gain from these bombings? None. Except a self humiliation that Islamic are savage. (or anyone can tell me some advantage Al Qaida gain from these bombings?)

Banning the liquid luggage is a deliberate. The more inconvenience travelers have, the more hatred they have on Al Qaida. People will believe it all caused by Al Qaida when there is a new attack happens in US. It's a psychological operation - a pre planted mind.

Another psyop purpose is to demonize Pakistani. The arrested 2 dozen suspects in this case are Pakistanis (or ethnic Pakistan). In message "423. Mumbai bombing (7/25/06)" I concluded that there is a "Pakistanis terror cell" in Bay area, and the core one of coming US bombing will be in California (especially in San Jose) related to Mumbai bombing.

The World Journal on 8/11 reported, "New target, New Deli and Mumbai" said, The US Embassy in New Delhi warned Americans that foreigners, possibly linked to Al Qaida, were planning a series of bomb attacks in these two big cities.

The two cases in continuing two days may prove my two conclusions in message #423: a Mumbai related bombing attack will happen in Bay Area. The "terrorists" are Pakistanis.

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