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J. Melgar wrote:
If the Boeing 757 Flight 77 did not cause this damage, could you account where the flight 77 at that time? Was there a flight 77 on that date and time leaving from somewhere and arrived somewhere? Could you account where are its passengers on that day? Have you have interaction with passengers of that flight to back up this claim? <

To the last question, clearly not. Don't confuse garbage with fact. You assume all who have info on 77 regurgitate the same slop. Facts:

Flight 77 unequivocally did not hit the Pentagon, or get anywehre near it, for the incontrovertible fact that all who describe the thing that hit the Pentagon, the govt included, say it whisked perfectly horizontally across the grounds about four feet above the earth, which the photos the Pentagon claims proves as much show. The fact however is that the thing that hit the Pentagon, again everyone agrees, flew into an area just above the basement, which a 757 could not have done, as all the photos and videos of the perfectly untouched lawn in front of the site of the outside explosions reveal: Each engine on a 757, large enough for a man to stand inside it with his arms stretched overhead, hangs below the wing. Meaning the lawn would have been deeply gouged by these engines, which it was not. There is no way a 757 could have hit that building. No one is claiming the engines fell off somewhere before it hit the bldg. It flew so low the engines would have left heir indentations, and probably caused the plane to spin as they dug into the earth. The government lied to us.

Further, Brig.-Gen. Montague Winfield, Pentagon information officer, is recorded on-camera [see Treason Inc, available at] telling reporters of a report that morning of a plane down at the Ohio-Kentucky border, near West Virginia, which is precisely and exactly where the radar of flt 77 ended. Again, there is no dispute to these facts. All parties agree. The Pentagon gives us this information.

Continuing along, the thing that hit the Pentagon showed up on no radar, again this is govt (FAA) information, as it supposedly flew all the way from the Ohio-Kentucky border till radar picked it up in Northern Virginia near DC, at which point ATC in Philadelphia reported the radar showed the blip was smaller than that of a commercial jet.

Clearly, Flt 77 went down---landed??---where the radar shows it did, and the thing that hit the Pentagon was another jet, capable of blowing neat little holes into 3 steel-lined walls, which took off from Northern Virginia. To suggest otherwise is to make up fantasy and ignore the agreed-upon facts.

As to what happened to the passengers, don't expect those of us uncovering the treason to know all the evil which lurks in the blood pumps of this adminstration. Please insist the perps fess up. ~ Craig Hill/Dem primary candidate in Vt for the US Senate/***All donations to go to RADIO ADS exposing the facts of the treason controlling our govt*** ~ Thank you


Where is the Plane, Flight 77?

Click here: Alex Jones at American Scholars Symposium - Google Video


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[FPF - strongly related: "Dutch tapping room not Kosher" - Url.:]

By Paolo Pontoniere and Jeffrey Klein, New America Media

August 19, 2006 - Just after noon on Friday, July 21, Adamo Bove - head of security at Telecom Italia, the country's largest telecommunications firm - told his wife he had some errands to run as he left their Naples apartment. Hours later, police found his car parked atop a freeway overpass. Bove's body lay on the pavement some 100 feet below.

Bove was a master at detecting hidden phone networks. Recently, at the direction of Milan prosecutors, he'd used mobile phone records to trace how a "Special Removal Unit" composed of CIA and SISMI (the Italian CIA) agents abducted Abu Omar, an Egyptian cleric, and flew him to Cairo where he was tortured. The Omar kidnapping and the alleged involvement of 26 CIA agents, whom prosecutors seek to arrest and extradite, electrified Italian media. U.S. media noted the story, then dropped it.


Bove, according to unnamed sources, was depressed about his imminent indictment by Milan prosecutors. But prosecutors immediately, and uncharacteristically, set the record straight: Bove was not a target; in fact, he was prosecutors' chief source. Bove, prosecutors said, was helping them investigate his own bosses, who were orchestrating an illegal wiretapping bureau and the destruction of incriminating digital evidence. One Telecom executive had already been forced out when he was caught conducting these illicit operations, as well as selling intercepted information to a business intelligence firm.

About 16 months earlier, in March of 2005, Costas Tsalikidis, a 38-year-old software engineer for Vodaphone in Greece had just discovered a highly sophisticated bug embedded in the company's mobile network. The spyware eavesdropped on the prime minister's and other top officials' cell phone calls; it even monitored the car phone of Greece's secret service chief. Others bugged included civil rights activists, the head of Greece's "Stop the War" coalition, journalists and Arab businessmen based in Athens. All the wiretapping began about two months before the Olympics were hosted by Greece in August 2004, according to a subsequent investigation by the Greek authorities.

Tsalikidis, according to friends and family, was excited about his work and was looking forward to marrying his longtime girlfriend. But on March 9, 2005, his elderly mother found him hanging from a white rope tied to pipes outside of his apartment bathroom. His limp feet dangled a mere three inches above the floor. His death was ruled a suicide; he, like Adamo Bove, left no suicide note.

The next day, Vodaphone's top executive in Greece reported to the prime minister that unknown outsiders had illicitly eavesdropped on top government officials. Before making his report, however, the CEO had the spyware destroyed, even though this destroyed the evidence as well.

Investigations into the alleged suicides of both Adamo Bove and Costas Tsalikidis raise questions about more than the suspicious circumstances of their deaths. They point to politicized, illegal intelligence structures that rely upon cooperative business executives. European prosecutors and journalists probing these spying networks have revealed that:

* The Vodaphone eavesdropping was transmitted in real time via four antennae located near the U.S. embassy in Athens, according to an 11-month Greek government investigation. Some of these transmissions were sent to a phone in Laurel, Md., near America's National Security Agency.

* According to Ta Nea, a Greek newspaper, Vodaphone's CEO privately told the Greek government that the bugging culprits were "U.S. agents." Because Greece's prime minister feared domestic protests and a diplomatic war with the United States, he ordered the Vodafone CEO to withhold this conclusion from his own authorities investigating the case.

* In both the Italian and Greek cases, the spyware was much more deeply embedded and clever than anything either phone company had seen before. Its creation required highly experienced engineers and expensive laboratories where the software could be subjected to the stresses of a national telephone system. Greek investigators concluded that the Vodaphone spyware was created outside of Greece.

* Once placed, the spyware could have vast reach since most host companies are merging their Internet, mobile telephone and fixed-line operations onto a single platform.

* Germany's Federal Intelligence Service, BND, recently snooped on investigative journalists. According to parliamentary investigations, the spying may have been carried out using the United States's secretive Bad Aibling base in the Bavarian Alps, which houses the American global eavesdropping program dubbed Echelon.

Were the two alleged suicides more than an eerie coincidence? A few media in Italy - La Stampa, Dagospia and Feltrinelli, among others - have noted the unsettling parallels. But so far no journalists have been able to overcome the investigative hurdles posed by two entirely different criminal inquiry systems united only by two prime ministers not eager to provoke the White House's wrath. In the United States, where massive eavesdropping programs have operated since 9/11, investigators, reporters and members of Congress have not explored whether those responsible for these spying operations may be using them for partisan purposes or economic gain.

As more troubling revelations come out of Europe, it may become more difficult to ignore how easily spying programs can be hijacked for illegitimate purposes. The brave soul who pursues this line of inquiry, however, should fear for his or her life.

Jeffrey Klein is a founding editor of Mother Jones. Paolo Pontoniere is a New America Media European commentator.

2006 Independent Media Institute - Story online at:


* Telecom Italia wiretapping scandal - 2 August 2006 - Telecom Italia, one of the major electronic communications providers in Italy is in the middle of a huge scandal regarding the illegal wiretapping and surveillance of the telephone networks. - Url.:

* Vodafone's 'tappers' named - Criticism of mobile giant mounts with evidence that its Greek operation shut down devices before eavesdroppers could be traced. - by Helena Smith in Athens -
Sunday July 2, 2006 - The Observer - Url.:,,1810482,00.html

* Illegal warrantless wiretapping and the cowed media - connected? - Url.:

* This may hark back to other irregularities in the Greek government which have to do with 'stay-behind groups' like the Italian 'Gladio':

*PRO MEMORIA: DEFINITION OF SEMITES - from The Collinšs English Dictionary 1984: "Semitic: a member of the group of Caucasoid people who speak a Semitic language, including the Jews and Arabs as well as the Ancient Babylonians (Iraqis), the Assyrians (Syria), and the Phoenicians (the Lebanese of today). Semitic: a branch or sub-family of languages that includes Arabic, Aramaic, Hebrew.˛ - Palestinians and Lebanese are semites.

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