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Brent Budowsky

Camelot 2 Is Coming: K Street Money Moves

The front page of the Washington Post reports that in anticipation of Democrats winning at least one House of Congress, there is now a major movement of corporate and lobbying money away to Democrats. Trust me, it's true. I have begun to regularly get calls from firms looking for places and projects to put money ahead of the changes coming to Washington.

From today through the election, this trend will continue and if Democrats regain either the House or Senate, it will skyrocket through the roof. For everyone who reads these words there are new and exciting opportunities to do well, and do good, and have impact…

What has happened in American politics over the last six years will be remembered by future historians as a political dark age of disunity and far too often disgrace. We are not a nation that spends its time doing Abu Ghraibs, demeaning political opponents as traitors, and destroying our public life with petty and larger corruptions that have become a way of life.

What has happened over six years is without precedent in our political history in some very important ways. And what has happened to the flow of money takes the petty corruptions of the past to monumental new levels that have so offended the American people that big changes are coming.

In Washington, corruption was institutionalized through what was known as the K Street project invented by Tom Delay, in which Republicans were hired, and money was recycled between ultraconservative or corrupt donors, lobbyists and the politicians they supported.

The Post only reports what I have been seeing for two months now: this aberrant way of life in Washington is unravelling. But it goes much further: what has begun is a shift in corporate money, project money, public affairs money, entertainment money and new media money that will soon realize opportunities that are even minimally understood by either the mainstream, the new media or the blogosphere…

What the Washington Post story says about the movement of money in lobbying, the trend of Hollywood money to high concept pictures, the support of Mark Cuban for quality in media, the early stages of new radio through Air America and probably other Air Americas will translate throughout the blogosphere.

Here is the revolution: what our current political climate has done, is create huge new areas of endeavor that reach huge numbers of people, are in the last stages of being under-funded because money has been tied up, bottled up and held back by the negative and reactionary political climate.

Watch what happens when Prometheus is Unbound. Watch what happens when new money seriously funds new media; when high quality internet news sources increase early stage capital and evolve into the IPO"s of 2007 to 2008. Watch what happens when the talent and ingenuity and creativity of those with huge audiences, now excluded by the reactionary status quo, are invited to the head of the table.

When I predict Camelot 2, what I mean is this: a new politics that appeals to the best of our nature; a new era of engagement between Hollywood stars who care and their audiences who care with them; the movement of money into new areas of news, activism, public spirit and idealism from motion pictures to lobbying, from high def television to high quality blogs.

The Post story is interesting, because it tells of money moving in the most reactionary world of lobbying. But it doesn't scratch the surface of what is already happening, beneath the radar of fear and negativity on the news. There are masses of voters who want better than the political status quo; masses of audiences who want higher quality entertainment and news; masses of money which, like the stock market anticipating the future economy, are staking their claim on the future of our politics, society and media because they have finally come to know: the future is now.

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Carolyn Kay

Religious fundamentalists believe God gave us a brain, but doesn’t want us to use it. Political fundamentalists believe the founders endorsed free speech, but didn’t want us to practice it. Free market fundamentalists believe there should be no interference with markets, except by CEOs of gigantic corporations.

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