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Mexico to Know President-elect Next Week
Sat Aug 19, 2006 20:52


Mexico to Know President-elect Next Week

Mexico, Aug 19 (Prensa Latina) During the coming week, Mexicans will know from the Electoral Court of the Mexican Judicial Power (TEPJF) its verdict on the July 2 elections and the president-elect.

Meanwhile, rumors continue circulating about the eviction of camps the For the Good of All coalition installed since July 30 on the main streets and squares of Mexico City in peaceful civil resistance for an ostensible electoral fraud.

Besides, the Congress headquarters is being guarded by military forces under the pretext to secure President Vicente Fox when he appears before the 60th Legislature on September 1.

Two weeks before Fox´s last report before the Senate, opposition runner Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and his alliance reaffirmed that their movement will avoid confrontations with security forces.

Lopez Obrador and his supporters are holding a National Democratic Convention on September 16 if TEPJF magistrates decide to impose pro-government candidate Felipe Calderon.

The judicial court must resolve before September 6 the electoral controversy that follows the July 6 Federal Electoral Institute announcement giving Calderon a 243,000-vote lead over Lopez Obrador, a result immediately rejected by the opposition alliance, which demanded a vote-by vote recount.



Mexico has spoken
Lopez Obrador must accept his loss
August 18, 2006

Enough already. The limited recount in Mexico's contested presidential election is over and the result is definitive. The center-right candidate, Felipe Calderón, remains the winner, however slight his margin. The leftist candidate, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, is the loser.

López Obrador should show some respect for the workings of Mexico's fledgling democracy and leave well enough alone. He must stop agitating for a nationwide civil disobedience protest and step aside with at least a degree of grace.

His shrill denunciations of Calderón's victory as the machination of a vast right-wing conspiracy sound increasingly demented and are losing him support even among some of his loyalists. The violent riots he provoked earlier this week in Mexico City didn't do his cause any good. The recount he demanded, as well as the general election, were observed by international monitors and were judged to have been conducted fairly, with no evidence to sustain López Obrador's charges of widespread fraud.

This election represents the first real test of Mexico's remarkable sea change away from a quasi-dictatorial system of one-party rule and toward true democracy. It would damage Mexico's new and until now untested democratic institutions if López Obrador's hubris were to cause an unwarranted civil convulsion. Mexico deserves better. López Obrador should follow the example of another democratic tradition and become the leader of the loyal opposition.


López Obrador flirting with national chaos
Arizona Republic, AZ - Aug 17, 2006
... A partial vote recount conducted by the nation's independent ... By insisting the fraud occurred in a system that was ... from the Web site of the Mexican newspaper El ...

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