J Bruce Campbell
War Crimes (Cont'd)
Sun Aug 20, 2006 20:42

Israel is called "the only democracy in the Middle East." This is true,
because "democracy" now means Rule by Jews, or at least Jewish rules of
conduct. It doesn't mean majority rule, it means minority rule. Our
craven politicians vie for the crucial "Jewish vote," even though it
represents only 2% of the population. Notice that in Israel, the Semitic
majority does not have a political voice at voting time. The Semitic
majority doesn't get to vote in that democracy. They can't even vote in
their own Palestinian elections the way they want, as we see in the case
of Hamas being voted into power by a landslide in the little sliver of
land that is still called Palestine. Israel simply nullified the
election and started arresting and murdering the newly-elected
representatives. Now, that is pure Democracy!

It has just been revealed that the Bush crime syndicate is behind the
invasion of Lebanon by the inept Israeli killers and that the invasion
has been in the works for over two years as a run-up to an invasion by
joint US/Israeli aggressors against Iran and Syria. Bush's neo-con
geniuses figured it would be another cakewalk, as they figured the
invasion of Iraq would be a cakewalk. As this is written, Israel is
begging for some kind of international force to replace its battered
killers in south Lebanon. America can't do it, due to its little
misadventure in Iraq. How these Zionist planners figure to take over
Syria and Iran, even after they nuke them, is beyond this cowboy's

Have you heard talk radio lately, since the invasion of Lebanon by
Israel? It is like something out of a William Pierce novel. All the
hosts I've heard in the past month, Jew and Gentile alike, are united in
their snarling support of Israel's "right to defend itself." They are
also united in their desire that Syria and Iran be attacked with nuclear
weapons. In other words, they are all war criminals. We hanged a man at
Nuremberg named Julius Streicher because he had a tabloid in the early
days of the NS period that was critical of Jews.

He was no more a part of the Hitler government that Sean Hannity is of
the Bush government, but he was hanged in the most sadistic fashion by a
Jewish hangman. It is something that I have warned Bill O'Reilly and
Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh about, because they have exhorted
Americans and the American government to wage aggressive war against the
enemies of Israel on behalf of Israel and as such they are subject to
arrest, prosecution and hanging as war criminals.

They've done far worse than Julius Streicher ever did. All Streicher did
was tell the truth about Jews, and print political caricatures of them.
Hannity, Doyle, Coulter, Limbaugh, the Savage Wiener, O'Reilly and the
rest are paid liars who owe their stinking careers to the Zionists at
Fox, Clear Channel and the Anti-Defamation League. Their favorite new
buzz-word is "Islamo-fascist," which Bush copped from the Savage Wiener.
Now, "fascist" is a real word with an actual definition. But that's not
how Jews and their useful idiots use it.

For example, thirty years ago, Clint Eastwood's script-reader, a Jewess
named Sonia Chernus, told me that my first screenplay was "fascist." It
was about my anti-terror work in Rhodesia which by its nature was
anti-Communist. Jews hate anti-Communists because to them it is the same
as anti-Jewish. So, while the average Birch anti-Communist didn't know
it, the Jews knew that he was anti-Jewish and their dirty word for that
is "fascist." It is the next step up from "anti-Semitic," which can lose
you your job. "Fascist" can get your house burned, depending how active
you are, and "amalek" can get you arrested and killed. This is because
the Amalek not only didn't like Jews, they didn't like the Jewish god.

I personally want to see them all hanged. I want to be the hangman of
George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and all the Zionist liars
on radio and television who have helped to get so many people killed.
The damage they have done is really beyond calculation. I realize that
there a lots of guys such as myself, but I want to be the first to put
it on the record.

The other night the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, gave a
masterful interview to CBS Television. The next day and ever since, the
Zionist gasbags have been united in their condemnation not only of
Ahmadinejad but of Mike Wallace, the old Zionist who interviewed him,
mainly because Wallace was half-way polite, in his own obnoxious way.
"Answer the question!" [about the president's demand that Israel
disappear] Ahmadinejad finally asked him, "Are you the representative of
the Zionist regime? Or a journalist?" Wallace answered, "I am a
journalist. I am a journalist."


The point is that our government is apparently planning to wage nuclear
warfare against Iran and possibly Syria while Bush is still president.
The Zionists know that the Democrats may win next time and that they
won't be as easy to manipulate. The Zionists are desperate to seize the
entire Middle East NOW. They blew their best chance in 1967 when they
failed to sink the USS Liberty and blame it on the Egyptians. That one
would have worked because many people admired Israel then. This current
one is a messy failure that no one is buying because Israel has been
revealed as a tiny nation of liars, psychopaths and pirates. They may
never have the opportunity again in their lifetimes to steal the entire
Middle East and call it Eretz Israel. So they're going for it now. They
want to control all the oil.

So we must make it clear to the war criminals that we shall punish them.
We must punish them or we are not men. All those who have committed war
crimes in our name must be punished in ways that match their crimes.
This is the only way that America can be saved. There must be public
executions of all the men and women who took us to war based on lies,
who ordered the slaughter and torture and kidnap of totally innocent
people who offered not the slightest threat to our precious American way
of life.

The sadists of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay must be punished for crimes
against humanity. The bomber pilots must be punished, the infantrymen
who destroyed homes and slaughtered the people, the ones who launched
the cruise missiles from ships at sea. All of them. Our government
already established at Nuremberg that "just following orders" is no
excuse when it comes to war crimes and crimes against humanity, which
are one and the same thing.

These people must all be hanged, which is the accepted and traditional
American punishment for capital crimes and especially for war crimes.
They have already committed the crimes that call for their hanging, so
they feel they have nothing to lose by nuking Iran and Syria for their
Israeli masters. How the nuking of Iran and Syria would be good for the
Jews is another question that we can't examine here because of its
mind-numbing insanity. We are up against a combination of cunning, greed
and insanity that is hard to describe, let alone argue with. It can only
be exterminated, as we do with dangerous or filthy insects and vermin in
our homes. And when we're dealing with rats and cockroaches, we don't
take any of them prisoner.

If we don't hang our war criminals then we are subject to collective
punishment by our victims down the road. This is obvious, because that's
what we have done to everyone else. We must show the rest of the world
that we are responsible for our leaders' crimes. We must take total
responsibility for the direction of this country before our war
criminals destroy the Middle East and probably Europe. This is the only
way we can avoid being destroyed ourselves by those who must do
something in self-defense. The Iranians know that Bush and Olmert are
contemplating their nuclear annihilation. They therefore are justified
right now to attack us anyway they can. That is the law of survival and
everyone is entitled to defend himself. Everyone has the right to
survive, except aggressors. Aggressors deserve to die. Traitors must die
because their treachery puts all countrymen in deadly danger. It is the
law of survival.

As this is written, while we have thousands of soldiers defending South
Korea's border, thousands more defending Israel's borders, Bush has
smeared the defenders of the Mexican border as "vigilantes." Bush really
hates those guys. They've shown what a rat-fink he is, especially when
he gave their locations to the Mexican government so the wetbacks could
be diverted around the Minutemen. Remember that? That has to qualify as
a text-book example of Treason, for Mexico is waging war against us,
sending illegal invaders day and night, with the aid and support of
George W. Bush.

The question is probably being asked: How can our war criminals be
punished if we get yet another sell-out special prosecutor such as Ken
Starr or this useless Fitzgerald, who talked so tough about Karl Rove
and then faded? That's the point of this essay, which is that war
criminals must be hanged. It doesn't matter anymore if the government
won't protect us from war criminals. We'll do it ourselves, since we pay
the bills. War criminals may be above the law of the American Bar
Association but they are not above the law of frontier justice, the
dreaded law of the vigilante or the law of our survival.

To survive as Americans, to demonstrate our responsibility to the rest
of the world and to take charge of this shipwreck before it sinks into
the murky depths, we must take the law into our own hands. All war
criminals must be captured, tried in a manner that reveals the true
nature of their crimes and hanged by the neck until they are dead. From
this time forward, there is an open season on war criminals. If we don't
do this then it shows the world that we endorse the war criminals. And
payback will be a bitch because these guys have made some very bad karma
for us.

The reasons for this should be obvious. However, these same war
criminals are the ones who have designed the North American Union,
scheduled to take effect in 2010. This will be a martial law style of
dictatorship over us, run by the ubiquitous criminals of the Council on
Foreign Relations, located at 58 E. 68th Street in Manhattan in the
building known as Harold Pratt House. This building is the de facto seat
of government of the United States, soon to be known as the Central
District of the North American Union.

This building, for symbolic reasons, should be reduced to ashes and
rubble at our earliest possible convenience. It houses the world's most
dreadful war criminals who have been and are now responsible for the
untimely and terror-filled deaths of millions of people around the world
since 1914.

Their little private ministry of war wasn't officially formed until
1921, but the same war criminals seized power in Wilson's administration
and started World War I and the Bolshevik Revolution. The CFR was just
their method to guarantee continuity and control of the staffing of the
State Department and the White House under all presidents after Wilson,
most of whom were also CFR members. The Council on Foreign Relations is
the Rothschild central control of our country and it reportedly has a
membership that is 70% Jewish, which is pretty good for a group that has
only 2% of our population.

The various agencies of the gangster state of Israel must be similarly
disposed of. No more Jewish rules of conduct, and no Jewish Rule under
the North American Union. Do we want to be the laughingstock of the
world? I should say, do we want to continue to be the laughingstock of
the world? To be big, tough Americans who let a bunch of creepy Jews run
us like cattle? Right now, they're the cowboys and we're the cows. They
make us commit war crimes against their enemies. They make us as hated
as they are because the two governments are in lock-step.

The issue now is War Crimes. Some of us require a just cause to take the
law into our own hands (where it truly belongs). That just cause is War
Crimes, whether or not we need a just cause. War Crimes give us the
power we need to seize control of our lives.

We can never be real men until we accept total responsibility for our
government's crimes. Our government cannot be changed or turned into a
positive force - it can only be dismantled and outlawed and prohibited
from ever forming again. Government can only destroy us, never help us.
Study the Masonic US Constitution and try to find any way that the
American government was designed to do something good. It was only
designed to keep the powerful men in power. It took the Bill of Rights
to protect us from the Constitution.

Most people don't understand this basic fact, that the Constitution and
the Bill of Rights are in mortal opposition. And now the Bill of Rights
is technically dead, thanks to Bush's so-called PATRIOT Act, which has
been declared "Constitutional" by the Gang of Nine, by the simple fact
that it has not been declared "un-Constitutional." Almost all crimes
committed by the government have been declared "Constitutional" by the
Supreme Court. Where is the "check and balance" on the Masonic Supreme
Court, if it should, say, appoint a demented war criminal as the
President of the United States, even though he didn't get enough votes?
Because that's exactly what happened six years ago.

This government must be dismantled and the war criminals removed from
society before they kill us all.

This essay may have shocked some readers. It is high-time to face
reality and the reality is that the US government is the main enemy of
mankind. Its little puppet state, Israel, is the American "force
projection" against the oil-producing countries of the Middle East.
Whether America controls Israel or vice-versa doesn't matter. What
matters is that the combination of the American government and Israel is
the malignant tumor that will kill this world if it is not taken apart
and crushed, piece by piece.

J Bruce Campbell

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