Arizona at Work....
Interesting info on Voting.....
Sun Aug 20, 2006 21:46

Arizona at Work....
Interesting info on Voting.....

8/20/06 - Arizona at Work....
Interesting info on Voting.....

Arizona at Work
Written by Roman Ulman
Sheri Van Horsen has worked for 7 years under the leadership of Janet Napolitano, the last three years as one of her Deputy Directors in the Governor’s Office. She also served twelve years in the Attorney General’s Office. Currently, She is the statewide organizing director for AFSCME (Arizona Public Service

Employees) and the Chair of the MALF (Maricopa Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO.) She is also running for the Legislature, House of Representatives
District 9.

Sheri continues her work on tough issues facing hard working Arizonans, advocating the need for a resurgence of labor unions in Arizona, and trying to make sense of the nonsensical workings of the leadership at the Arizona State Legislature.
Roman Ulman is a graduate of Wayne State University in Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a Major in Political Science.

Roman has a wide variety of work experience, having worked in
Recorders Court
in the City of Detroit. He was the Deputy Director of the Detroit Civic Center Department, and the Acting Deputy Director of the Detroit Public Lighting Department. He now works for the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees in Arizona as a Staff Representative and has recently organized the Employees of the City of Surprise.

He was the President of Local
1329 €“ Detroit Court
and Clerical Employees at the age of 23 and negotiated the first contract with a city department. Roman was a member of the Metropolitan Detroit AFL-CIO Executive Board for 6 years. He has been active in organized labor for over 40 years.

He has been involved in the political arena since 1960 and has served in many different leadership positions. He has been a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 1980 and currently is the Chair of the East Valley Democratic Breakfast Club.

Roman has over 40 years experience in community service in Arizona and Michigan. He has served on the Grand Valley State University Board of Control, the Wayne County Compensation Commission, the City of Mesa Master Plan Committee, the City of Mesa Parks and Recreation Board, and the Mesa Postal Advisory Committee, just to mention a few.


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