More Plates, More Perps, More Fun Stalking THEM....

More Plates, More Perps, More Fun Stalking THEM....
Fri Aug 20, 2004 00:06

More catches, with apologies of course, to any "good guys" we may have tagged by mistake. Like....BS4444 Washington, D.C. The plate.....says it all.... ;~)

One way you know you've tripped on to perp plates is that you see them once, then never again. In other words, in a "normal" situation, you see the same folks driving home the same time every day from work, give or take. You recognize some cars and plates, maybe even faces. It's when you see the once only types that whiz by you like they are trying to send you a message, that you know they are probably bogus, and part of this "thing going on". Especially the personalized plates. But think about it, in a "normal" setting, you see the same cars and plates. If you never do, then something's definitely up.

5AES594 Tinkerbelle decal; DUMBROD, SANDLR, JSSHPNS, IXLYVES, 4VVZ936, 4ERP019, 4N41047 Raiders Decals and Tweety decal, 703 BEK Oregon, 4WBH513 Fireman's helmet, 4MPT873, 4M71149 KROQ, 5DNZ ??? huge yellow ribbon decal on a champagne colored MBZ, 4VLC319, 4EMN085, YATCHAN, 4MPG071, 913 FKP Arizona, 462 KCC Arizona, 4BPL202.

The decals du jour: W (for George Bush) circle decals were the flavor of the day. Lights were on. We even saw the dreaded (!) triangle within a circle. Usually associated with Scientology. Yuk. Old gal at wheel of Toyota Camry (fave car for perps to use as they blend it, or would blend in, if they didn't dress them up with their stupid tricks).

Look around on your town's streets. Notice those that seem abnormally filled up with cars. Note if they are there, then gone, replaced by new ones, or new old ones. Constantly. This is a sign of "them".

Author: Duck Twacy

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