privat company effectiely censors controversial website

private company effectively censors controversial website
Fri Aug 20, 2004 00:28

A few weeks ago a popular controversial website named Rogue Science ( ) got their account suspended by their host. The site discusses amateur science and experiments that are controversial such as explosives and improvised weapons. After a couple of weeks it came back up explaining what had happened. It turns out a private company named defense had threatened the service provider of their service provider with a lawsuit if they did not suspend the account and claimed they are linked to Arab terrorists. This is totally fabricated, and is the basic line of that anyone the government doesn't like is linked to terrorists. This website definitely has real information that the government definitely doesn't want you to have. But Rogue Science has not given up. After changing to a new host for about a week it finally got its site all the way back up. Later today it got suspended by its new host. There is no doubt that defense is behind it, because the government has no legal means to shut this site down. Rogue Science really needs help finding hosts that can host and/or mirror the site and will not cave in to defense's childish threats. Rogue Science is also starting a legal defense fund to take action against Defense for taking their site off the internet. Please checkout  regularly to see if the site is back up and if you can host or mirror or make a donation please do. please give me feedback on what yall think about what is going on here.

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