Thu Aug 19, 2004 22:39

NO MATTER WHAT WE CALL IT,I SIGHTED IN A .308 WITH A 6-18 X SNIPE SCOPE FOR HUNTING THE DREADED RED STAR SNIPE. I hope I don`t have to use it for any domestic treasonous Khazar Snipes,as I FULLY intend to make the Oriental Snipes feel right at home,complements of Gen. Kalishnikov,as I warm their breakfasts at 300 meters.Now for the Mexican Tijuana Iguanas I have a Stoner Special, especially for the infamous brown Iguana. This is a special 55 gr. bullet with a piece of brad nail 1/8" long in the nose secured with garlic and superglue. This is a poor man`s armour piercing round that is good for plinking "cans" including worthless traitor Ameri"cans",Mexi"cans",Puerto Ri"cans", Afri"cans" and other uninvited invaders. Take a hollow point .308 and a 1/8" drill bit and drill no deeper then 1/8". Deposit 5, #7 bird shot pellets in this and then seal with liquid steel or aluminum in the tube. You now have a devastating enertia explosive bullet that will also spread garlic oil and lead pellets throughout various organs,while the armor piercing slugs go through car bodies,body armor and bodies.Styrofoam dissolved in gasoline,glass bottled,wicked and ignited makes as good a napalm as they used to kill women and babies at Waco. This stuff is like honey and sticks to anyone and anything and is virtually impossible to extinguish. Garlic and lead mix to cause gangrene in 3 days. Well other then cowardice,we have ran out of excuses,so fight or die.

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