Waco Protest—April 19, 2004
The Bush/Israeli Alliance
Thu Aug 19, 2004 03:29

Waco Protest—April 19, 2004
The Bush/Israeli Alliance

They were willing to die for us, so that we might see the sign which Jesus, peace be upon him and speed his return, told us to look for in Matthew 24:15. They willingly gave their lives in the hope that we would, today, repent of the multitude of our sins, because the time of *The Judgment* is at hand. and who shall be able to stand?

Yes, Clinton was in office at the time of the murders (for a mere thirty-eight days). What we know for sure is.... the PLAN to attack the church, on the Sunday morning of February 28, 1993, was that of the Bush Crime Family, a plan carried out under the directions of Wesley Clark with merely the *approval* of Clinton. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WACOuncensored/message/800


Bush's Favorite Terrorist Buddy
Meet the brazen Al-Arian family of Tampa, Fla. Sami Al-Arian a University of South Florida professor and his son Abdullah, a Duke student, who was an intern for Democratic whip, Rep. David Bonior, a Michigan gubernatorial candidate who is very supportive of Arab-American leaders' efforts to block reasonable counterterrorism measures.

Dr. Al-Arian is the author of this speech: "We assemble today to pay respects to the march of the martyrs and to the river of blood that gushes forth and does not extinguish, from butchery to butchery, and from martyrdom to martyrdom, from Jihad to Jihad."

According to the July 16 Newsweek, during a campaign speech in Tampa, last year, candidate Bush singled his son, Abdullah, out in the crowd, something done for specially selected, pre-screened individuals to which a candidate wants to draw attention. Calling Abdullah, "Big Dude" one of his trademark nicknames reserved for close advisors and White House press, Bush and wife Laura posed for pictures with the Arian family, standing right next to Dr. Al-Arian.



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