Carpe Diem
Man made weather! or Death by chemtrails?
Thu Aug 19, 2004 00:56

Is it a reality? Is our government that advanced? Are we to believe that chemtrails can control or have any influence on our weather? Well you tell me WHY won't the government FESS up then? They being Our and other governments are saying chemtrails are not real and are false! Then they should tell us why the weather has been so abnormal all around the world flooding in south and southeast while the westcoast bakes away and the midwest and northern states are in mid to late October? This is August the 18th. Where are the dog days of summer? If you ask someone in the north they would say welllll I don't need the ac..... UUMMMMM? Is that all it means to anyone? Don't anyone care anymore? The experts can't tell us for sure what the chemtrails are made of....All they can do is guess! I can't blame them at all. I do blame OUR government and their cohearts for it! Some in the government DO admit that the chemtrails are real but they say the same thimg as they did in Roswell stuff like it was a weather baloon! YEAH right! Like it is for our own good like floride. I have even read where there is some unknown dry blood in it and or it is for use to help with radio transmissions. OK sure uh huh right! What a weppon it would make and who better to test it on then their own dear people........Why not they been testing stuff on us from the early 1920's or 30's and on going now! Why stop when it is the land of the free and the home of the brave......Oh say can you see what they are doing to you and me? Free to do what to US?

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