Melvin Adaschik
Stopped Clock Right Twice a Day !
Thu Aug 19, 2004 10:41

_"Jewish"_ groups to counter Jews for Jesus evangelism campaign

........and blind hogs find acorns, too!

Stone a jew for Jesus ! ===========================================================


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FAIRFAX, Va. The Jewish Community Council of "Greater Washington" is holding meetings to counter an "evangelistic effort" by "Jews for Jesus" that starts this week. .......{what tribe are these "Jews" from ?}

The council's executive director, Ron Halber, says Judaism and Jesus are incompatible. {Ron must be a "Talmudic Jew"}

Scott Hillman, who heads a group called Jews for Judaism, says it's deceptive for people who are really Christians to even call themselves Jews for Jesus.

But Jews for Jesus Washington director and toungue flicker Stephen Katz says Jesus was a "Jew" who claimed to be the Messiah that was prophesied in "Jewish Scripture". {Two lies in one sentence}

The Jews for Jesus plan a full month of evangelism in and around Washington D-C. Kind of a Last Comic Standing Encore......Maybe Andy Kaufman will show up. [] -

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