The everlasting covenant
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I guess you are to thick to understand that Christ gave mankind 2 ADDITIONAL (meaning to add to) commandments.

(In chronological order by Scripture)

[NOTE: Throughout the original Biblical texts, the Name of Our Creator appears over 7200 times as YHVH, which is pronounced in Hebrew as YaHweH, in English as YaHoVaH, in French as YaHVaH, and in German as YaHuVaH. Throughout these Notes, YHVH is used for clarification leaving the reader to their own preference.]

[NOTE: A more complete understanding of the following may be rendered if the reader will first read the Genealogical Tables of Jesus The Messiah in Matthew 1:1?25 and Luke 3:23?38. One will find the complete 'genetic?line' from Adam to Jesus (YaHoVaHshua or YaHshua in Hebrew). This Adamic racial line will show that the 'Adamites' were called 'Shemites' (after Noah's son, Shem); 'Hebrews' (after Eber); 'Israelites' (after Jacob's name was changed to 'Israel'); and finally 'Saxons' (after 'Isaac', since the 'I' is silent in the Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek languages, thus "Isaac's Sons" is 'Saxons' in the English language, which is derived from the Hebrew!) In the following all the Covenants as well as Promises from the 'Law, the Prophets, and the Writings of Scriptures' can be seen to be fulfilled. Nothing can be found in the 'New Testament' writings that have not already appeared in a study of the 'Old Testament'! Truly YaHoVaH is the 'same yesterday, today and forever']!

(1) YaHoVaH's Promise to Abram: (as part of an Unconditional Covenant), Abram's descendants are to be a great and mighty Nation! (Ge. 12:1?3; 18:18; De. 4:7,8).

(2) Descendants are to be a 'multitudinous seed'!
(Ge. 13:16; 15:5; 22:17; 24:60; 26:4,24; 28:3,14: 32:12; 49:22: Is. 10:22; Hosea 1:10; Zech. 10:7,8).

(3) Descendants are to become a 'Company of Nations'!
(Ge. 17:4?6,15,16; 35:9?12; 48:19; Eph.2:12).

(4) YaHoVaH is to be the Creator of Abraham's descendants by Covenant! (Ge. 17:7).

(5) The mark of Circumcision was given as the 'Sign of the Covenant'!
(Ge. 17:10?14; De. 10:12?16; 30:1?6; Ro.2:25?29).

(6) Descendants are to be called by Abraham's son, Isaac, (i.e., called 'the Sons of Isaac' = 'Isaac's sons' = 'Saac's sons' = 'Saxons',etc.; not after Abraham's grandson, Jacob, whose name was changed to 'Israel'; thus Abraham's descendants were only known as ‘Israelites' while they were under the 'Palestinian or National Covenant' and living in Palestine)
(Ge. 17:19; 21:12; Is.62:2; 65:15; Hosea 2:17; Ro. 9:7; Gal. 3:16; Heb. 11:17,18).

(7) Descendants are to keep the ways of YaHoVaH and do Justice and Judgment!
(Ge. 18:17?19).

(8) Descendants only are given YaHoVaH's LAWS! (Ge. 18:24; De. 33:4; Ps. 147:19,20).
(9) Descendants are to possess the 'Gates' of their enemies (corresponds to the 'keyways' of world transportation and the waterways such as canals, capes, etc.)! (Ge. 22:15?18).

(10) Descendants are to have lands of great Agricultural Wealth!
(Ge. 27:28; De. 8:7,9; 28:11; 33:13,14,28).

(11) Descendants are to be First among the Nations as Rulers!
(Ge. 27:29; 28:13; Jer. 31:7).

(12) Descendants are to Colonize and spread abroad!
(Ge. 28:14; 49;22; De. 32:8; 33:17; Ps. 2:8; Is. 26:15; 27:6; 54:2; Zech. 10:8,9).

(13) Descendants are to spread abroad to the West, East, North and South! (Ge. 28:14; Is. 42:5,6).

(14) Descendants are to carry the 'Gospel of the Kingdom' to all the world as YaHoVaH's WITNESSES! (Ge. 28:14; Is. 43:10?12,21; Micah 5:7).

(15) 'Sons of Jacob' [O.T.: Israelites; N.T.: Isaac's Sons) are to have power with YaHoVaH and men! (Ge. 32:28).

(16) Jacob promised his sons they would be kings and rulers! (Ge. 35:11; 48:3?5,15,16).
(a) Out of the Tribe of Judah would come the 'Rulers' of all 12 of Jacob's sons,(who were called 'Israelites' only while living in the land of Palestine before the Assyrian and Babylonian invasions)! (Ge. 49:10).
(b) Tribe of Judah would have to do with Obedience of the rest of the Tribes in the Last Days! (Ge.49:8?10).

(17) Descendants are to have lands of great Mineral Wealth, particularly to Joseph's sons, Ephraim and Manasseh! [Ge. 49:22?26; De. 8:9; 33:13?19 (v.15,16 = 1 Chr. 5:1)].

(18) Descendants are to Keep the Sabbath forever (one day of rest in seven set for all time)! (Ex. 31:13?17; Is. 58:13,14).

(19) Descendants are to be called by the NAME OF YaHoVaH ['Christians', since Jesus The Messiah (Christos in Greek) = YaHoVaHshua, or YaHshua in Hebrew named after His Father, YaHoVaH,'the Ever Coming' (YaH), 'the Ever Present' (HoV), and 'the Eternal Past' (VaH)]! [Nu. 6:22?27; Hosea 1:9?10; 2:23; Acts 11:26; Rev. 3:12 (YaHoVaH's New Name given)].

(20) Descendants are to be Undefeatable, protected by YaHoVaH!
(Nu. 24:8?9; Is. 54:15?17; Micah 5:8,9).

(21) Descendants are to be envied and feared by all nations!
(De. 2:25; 4:8; 28:10; Is. 43:4; 60:10,12; Jer. 33:9; Micah 7:16,17).

(22) Descendants are to be YaHoVaH's HERITAGE, formed by YaHoVaH, forever! (De. 4:20; 7:6; 14:2; 2 Sam. 7:23; 1 Ki. 8:51,53; Is. 43:21; 54:5?10; Hosea 2:19,23; Joel 2:27; Micah 7:14?18).

(23) Descendants are to Lend to other nations, borrowing from none, when YaHoVaH's LAWS are followed (in accordance with the Blessings described in Lev. 26 and De. 28)! (De. 15:6; 28:12,13).

(24) Descendants are to be kind to the poor and to set slaves free!
(De. 15:7,11; Ps. 72:4; Is. 42:7; 49:9; 58:6).

(25) Descendants are to be Blessed above all nations when obedient to YaHoVaH's LAWS! (De. 28:1?14; Lev. 26:1?13).

(26) Descendants are to be Cursed for disobedience to YaHoVaH's LAWS which occurs in the form of 'Calamities', i.e., Destruction, Disease, and Death! (De. 28:15?68; Lev. 26:14?46; Amos 3:1,2).

(27) Descendants are to have all the land they will ever need! (De. 32:8).

(28) Descendants are to find the 'Aborigines' diminishing before them in whatever land they occupy! (De. 33:17; Is. 60:12; Jer. 31:7?10).

(29) Descendants are to have control of the seas! (De. 33:19; Nu. 24:7; Ps. 89:25; Is. 60:5).

(30) Descendants are to be a people Saved by YaHoVaH!
(De. 33:27?29; Is. 41:8?14: 43:1?8; 44:1?3; 49:25?26; 52:1?12; 55:3?13; Jer. 46:27?28; Eze. 34:10?16; Hosea 2:23; 13:9?14; 14:4?6).

(31) Descendants, while known as 'Israelites', were told they would be given a New Home (Land), and not to re main in the land of Palestine! (2 Sam. 7:10; 1 Chr. 17:9).

(32) 'New Home' of descendants is to be Invincible from outside forces!
(2 Sam. 7:10; Is.41:11?14).

(33) Descendants are to have a 'Davidic King' (a descendant of the House of David) as a perpetual monarchy within their Nations forever (The 'Stone of Destiny' is in Britain at this time and under the Throne of the Queen of England upon which every ruler of Israel, Judah, Ireland, Scotland and Britain have been crowned)! (2 Sam. 7:13?16;
1 Chr. 22:10; 2 Chr. 13:5; Ps. 89:20, 37; Eze. 37:24?26; Jer. 33:17?26).

(34) Descendants of Abraham, through Isaac, are to continue as a Nation forever!
(2 Sam. 7:16, 24,29; 1 Chr. 17:22?27; Jer. 31: 35?37).

(35) Descendants are to be Custodians of the 'Oracles of YaHoVaH' (distributors of YaHoVaH's Word (Law) in every tongue and language)! (Ps. 147:19,21; Is. 59:21).

(36) Descendants were to have a New Language (original 'Israelites' spoke Phoenician in Palestine; while in migration, Greek; and in their final settlements, English has become the primary language) [Linguistic history is: Phoenician, Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, Latin, Gaelic, German, French, Spanish and English]! (Is. 28:11).

(37) Descendants were to Colonize the desolate places of the earth!
(Is. 35:1; 43:19?20; 49:8; 54:3; 58:11?12).

(38) Descendants are to live in the Islands and Coasts of the earth
(ex: British Isles, etc.)! (Is. 41:1; 49:1?3; 51:5; Jer. 31:7?10).

(39) Descendants, according to Abrahamic Covenant as confirmed in Exodus 19:6, are to be a 'People serving YaHoVaH', as YaHoVaH's Servants (Priests and a Holy Nation)! (Is. 41:8?16; 43:10,21; 44:23; 49:3).

(40) Descendants were to lose all trace of their Lineage and be Blind to their 'National Identity' until the latter days! (Is. 42:16?19; 43:8; Hosea 1:9?10; 2:6; Ro. 11:25).

(41) Descendants are to be YaHoVaH's Witness, to posses His Holy Spirit and proclaim YaHoVaH's LAW to all the nations! (Is. 43:1, 10?12; 44:3?4; 59:21; Haggai 2:5).

(42) Descendants are to be YaHoVaH's GLORY! (Is. 46:13; 49:3; 60:1?2).

(43) After expulsion from Palestine, descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were to have a New Homeland North?west of Palestine! (Is. 49:12; Jer. 3:18).

(44) Descendants, as a Nation, were to lose a Colony (as when America, and later Australia, South Africa, etc., broke from Britain), then expand demanding more room (as confirmed by the westward expansion of America stretching from sea to sea, quartered by rivers as explained in Isaiah 18; as well as driving out the 'Aborigines' before them as explained above in 'mark'#28, etc.)! (Is. 49:19?20).

(45) Descendants of Isaac were to be rich by Trading! (Is. 60:5?11; 61:6).

(46) Descendants were to come under a New Covenant sealed by the 'Circumcision' of the Heart (as fulfilled in The Messiah)! (Jer. 31:31?34; Eze. 36; Mt. 10:5?7; Lu. 1:77; 2:32; 22:20; Jn. 11:49?52; Gal. 3:13; Heb. 8:8?13; 9:17).

(47) Descendants are to be YaHoVaH's 'Battle?Axe' and 'Weapons?of?war' for destroying all wickedness (witness the Historical Record of the fall of the Assyrians, Medes & Persians, Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, and of recent, the 'Reds' (Edomites & Khazars) of Communist/Soviet Russia for examples)! (Jer.51:19?24;Dan. 2:34,35,44).

(48) Descendants were to be called the 'Sons of the Living Creator' (i.e., now known as 'Christians' after His Only Begotten Son), just prior to awakening to their True 'National Identity'! (Hosea 1:10?11; 2:23; 11:1).

(49) Descendants, when known as 'Israelites' and living in Palestine, were divorced by YaHoVaH, then dispersed into the migrations westward, and can never return to their original land of Palestine (as fulfilled in the various Covenants: i.e., Abrahamic, Hagaric, Sarahic, Mosaic, Levitic, Palestinian, Saltic and Davidic)! [Hosea 2 (esp. v.6)].

(50) Descendants, as a people, are to be the Heirs of the World: i.e., the 'Bride of The Messiah (Christ)' when the 'Church' (Body of Christ) marries the 'Kingdom' which is the "House of Israel" = "Sons of Jacob" = "Tribes of Israel" = "Isaac's Sons" = "Saac's Sons" = "Saxons" = "Anglo?Saxon?Celtic?Germanic?Scandanavian" and kindred peoples, etc.! (Ro. 4:13).

[NOTE: In addition to the above, there are additional 'Marks of Identity' found in both Lev. 26 & De. 28 with reference to both the Blessings and the Curses found therein which apply only to YaHoVaH's CHOSEN PEOPLE! Further YaHoVaH's Covenant with Hagar, on behalf of Ishmael (Ge. 16:7?14), eventually gave the Land of Palestine to the 'Ishmaelites' (Ge. 17:20; 21:17,21; 25:12?18) once the 'Israelites' were dispersed from it forever. Thus the following promises to Abraham also apply to his descendants through Ishmael:
(1) They would be a great nation! (Ge. 12:1?3).
(2) They would be Blessed by YaHoVaH (Oil wealth)! (Ge. 12:1?3)!
(3) They would be a Blessing to other races of the earth! (Ge.12:1?3).
(4) Other races would be Blessed or Cursed depending on their attitude toward Abraham's descendants! (Ge. 12:1?3).
(5) They would be a great multitude of people (Arab world)! (Ge. 13:16; 15:5).
(6) They would be 'captives', then be delivered! (Ge. 15:13,14).
(7) They would be given a great land area! (Ge. 15:18).
(8) They would become many nations! (Ge. 17:4,5).
(9) YaHoVaH is to be the Creator/Father ['The Mighty One'] of Abraham's descendants! (Ge. 17:7).
(10) Land of Canaan (Palestine) is to be theirs for an everlasting possession [Ge.17:8; 12:7;15:18; Eze.36 (except for Edom's theft), a portion of Palestine is currently known as the "Israeli Occupied Territory of Palestine" since 1948. Present?day "Israelis" are a mixed?multitude primarily comprised of Shelanites?Hittites?Canaanites?Edomites? Ashkenazis?Khazars and Sephardim. Obadiah predicts their final rectification in days yet to come! [For a comparative study, see Cross?Reference: CHOSEN].
(11) Mark of Circumcision given to them! (Ge. 17:10?14, 23?27).
(12) They would keep the 'Way of YaHoVaH' and do justice and judgment (Arab world follows YHVH's Laws)! (Ge. 18:17?19)(13). They would possess the 'gates' of their enemies (Suez Canal)! (Ge. 22:15, 17, 18).

Again...All the promises in the 'Law, the Prophets and the Writings of Scripture' can be seen in the 'Marks of Identity'! What other people on the face of the the past, now in the present, or in the future can rightfully fulfill all the above 'Marks of Identity'? Only...the 'Saxon people' = "Saac's sons" in fulfillment to the first promises given to Abraham and Sarah...all those thousands of years ago! ]

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