Devil & Michael dispute over Moses in Jude
Thu Aug 19, 2004 13:55

This is why I don't dispute that there is a difference between old & new testaments. Moses decreed contrary to the ten commandments with his policy of stone anyone to death for anything. We must consider though there was no other law, and a sex disease could wipe out the whole tribe in those days. When Jesus was faced with a hostile crowd ready to stone the adulteress, he had to answer for or against her. If he answered for her, he'd be contradicting the law of Moses, if he answered against her, he'd be putting a woman to death for what can't be called capital offense these days. Jesus stooped and wrote on the ground to get an answer via automatic writing, as was an ancient tradition of various religions in the form of "sand table oracles". Let he who is without sin cast the first stone was a genius answer. They would've stoned Jeshua also. Yes, Jesus gently over-ruled Moses' decrees that led to many deaths. But Jeshua quoted Old Testament repeatedly; "The Lord said unto my Lord; sit at my right hand until I make thine enemies thy footstool" and "the stone which the builders reject is become the headstone of the corner" both are quotes from David who slew tens of thousands. Jeshua never implied that we should tear the Old Testament from our Bibles! Times change, but not the God of the Bible. I disagree with the harsh laws of Moses, but accept that God kept Moses alive when pharoah was having all the babies killed to prevent him by the Nile Temple. I reject not anything Jeshua spake, but Jeshua contradicted himself also on the matter of war and peace. Times change.

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