Thu Aug 19, 2004 10:56

Up until this past year I had 2 very successful internet sites which simply offered information on how to purchase less expensive medicines outside the USA. The 4 separate law firms who provided legal council, unanimously declared that making such information available to the public was protected by the First Amendment. Yet in spite of their legitimacy, both websites were condemned in secret by the U.S. government for ‘NOT serving the interests of the United States of America.’ More accurately however, the websites did ‘NOT serve the interests of the U.S. pharmaceutical manufacturers who ‘line their pockets’.
With neither an explanation or a ‘legal leg to stand on’, the U.S. Government launched a completely COVERT and brutal assault on me, aimed at bringing about my financial, psychological and mortal ruin. For the first few months, I could not fathom who would want to harm me. Finally I approached and learned of the ongoing violence being perpetuated on any citizen who simply ‘gets in the way’ of our very corrupt lawmakers. Being politically na´ve and uninformed at the time, I half expected that some kind of negotiation might be possible until I was told by a mechanic that my brakes had been ‘fixed’ so that my car would ‘accidently’ plunge off a mountain cliff. That incident also kicked off the governments 24/7 ‘Patriot Act campaign’ of stalking, home break-ins, trespassing, threats with life-threatening events – including electronic microwave attacks. It was then and there that I realized how ruthless this group really was.
It has been approximately 4 years since the ‘American Gestapo’ began their onslaught of terror but I have been able to mitigate much of the fear and pain through intense daily meditation and by following the advice of high Lamas. These relaxation techniques have allowed me a ‘window of grace’ so that I do not experience as much of the pain and have remained freer to contemplate the hidden agenda at hand.
What must be understood about electronic harassment or ‘Mind Control’ is that it is NOT ONLY being perpetrated to ‘confuse’ or ‘manipulate the thought processes of the masses’. These are the NEW INVISIBLE PRISONS and SILENT EXECUTIONERS.
Through the use of sophisticated satellite surveillance and undetectable electronic weapons, the designated victim is forced to endure NON-STOP debilitating pain to any bodypart the GESTAPO chooses. Within minutes, they can make blood pressure rise to heart attack stature or make it fall to non-existent. In many cases the lungs, heart and other vital organs are attacked and weakened with ‘electrical stings’ in 5-minute intervals every day. Other victims are barraged with excruciating pain in their eyes and ears coupled with deafening noise that no one else can hear. Far worse than the poor dog whose collar sends electrical shocks through its body if it oversteps the boundaries of an invisible fence, we have been set-up not only for total subservience but for instant electronic death at the whim of some government psychopath. (And there are many!) Even as you read these words, the towers which support this technology are being erected at an alarming rate in cities and towns throughout the country. It has been estimated that 50,000 -60,000 Americans are now being murdered, blinded or crippled covertly by a cunning Government who has been able to avoid having ‘Mind Control’ come under the scrutiny of the American public.
Imagine how this same Government will behave once Martial Law has been declared and it no longer needs to pussy-foot around public opinion. You can be certain that punishment will be metered out brutally. Or they will instead ‘press a button’ and ‘Bingo’ – you’re gone.
We have been somewhat mesmerized by the war in Iraq and have forgotten that we need to ‘watch our own backs’ as well.
Make no mistake. They are coming in through the back door.

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