Thu Aug 19, 2004 17:58

I always laugh when I hear these grubby little parasites refered to as "intellectuals"I think we should ban them from using any word that start with INT, now I know you are thinking it's only three letters but think back to how much trouble the suave intellectual clintoon had with the word IS.
I also think folks need to rethink their defense strategies in so much as what happened at waco and ruby ridge and who knows how many more free thinkers these cowardly thugs have murdered cause they waited in the security of their own homes while they were bombed or smokedout or just shot down in the ever so commonjust doing ma job horseshit excuses.I guess I am trying to say hit the woods,don't be where they expect you to be,your small stay mobile cause we all know they couldn't catch the clap in a cathouse if they didn't slip and fall in it.
As far as piling up weapons and ammo,HOW MUCH CAN YOU PACK WITH YOU is and should be the only concern cause every enemy knocked down is a fresh suppy of EVERYTHING.Having 10,000 rounds in a closet at home (where the nasties will be staying and waiting) seems like a wasted effort to me.

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