Re: Don't Forget Talk Radio ...

Re: Don't Forget Talk Radio ...
Thu Aug 19, 2004 15:03

What we are dealing here is a bunch of intellectual prostitutes on both sides of the pedophile, prostitution, racketeering, family extortion rings via their BAR-ATTORNEY RUN-CRIME-RING pulling, pushing and shoving away all sense of common reason while no longer able to pick up their slack. They know they are the weak link, and therefore will tighten the noose around their very own UGLY HEADS, or either do as the scorpions do when sorrounded by a ring of fire and strike themselves with their own POISON OF SELF DECEIT.

Now... similar to all the tainted and defiled blood transfusions being "administered" to the ill, writing of Senoreater CHAVEZ, again... is just another example of how far people will go to get rid of their previous TYRANTS while loosing sight of who the PUPPETEERS have lined-up on their MESS-HALLS. "Keep that chow-line moving privates!."
The privates think they are going to get a promotion to PFC's (Proud Fucking Civilians).

Let us not make that mis-take and fall for that trap, if we can help it, amongst our closest families and trustworthy neighbors, both close and abroad. We are what we are... we think and therefore we are.

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