Don't Forget Talk Radio ...
Bob Scheidt
Don't Forget Talk Radio ...
Thu Aug 19, 2004 13:15

In the past week I have heard the talking heads say anyone that disagrees with Bush's terrorism and police state should be surveilled or interned.

Yesterday, I heard the millionaire dope addict and Bush Butt Boy, Rush Limbaugh start the mantra that will attempt to convince Americans that the assassination of President Chavez in Venezuela is the right thing.

Limbaugh is spouting the "fascist" line for the Bush Cabal, stating that Chavez "CHEATED" the election process, when other media have been reporting that the people from up in the mountains have been making the trek to vote because Chavez is a "NATIONALIST" leader that wants America out of his country.

Keep an eye on this situation because you can bet your asteroid that the CIA/Mossad is creating intrigue through their hand puppet ... El Flushbo ..

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