Ref: "Blow up your TV"

Ref: "Blow up your TV"
Thu Aug 19, 2004 19:32

Have you yet, been able to post anything in your own words??
Still working on your post about "The Jews & The Talmud", got alot of info so far, but I want to do this in one "Major dispute rebuke", you know what I mean? Seems that there is a lot of data "that you copied & posted" that is MAJORLY INACCURATE & from what I'm gathering they're talking MAJOR LAWSUIT!! My references include the Isreali Embassy, The Temple Mount Group,Torah.ORG, & many more! I told you that I was "gonna do my homework". If I were you, I would not post any more material like this until I "PERSONALLY KNEW IT TO BE TRUE", but that is up to you.
Saw your post on "maroons". Waiting for the "big hunting day" up here ourselves. Been in practice before that though as we have 300 yard firing range & it is required that everyone in our group learns how to "take a head shot". Not bad for a Confederate Battle Flag supporter ( you'd be a FOOL to stand there & argue the point while we are "toolin' around".
Maybe one day someone will show ya'll how to "properly can your veggies/meat/ & fruit", so that they do not spoil the second or third year???



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