Very Astute "Thinking"

Bob Scheidt
Very Astute "Thinking"
Thu Aug 19, 2004 12:51

I recall thinking that if Al Qaeda truly existed as more than agents for the CIA/Mossad ... and had they carried out 9-11 as an Islamic politcal group rather than flunkies for the CIA/Mossad ... they would have done another event immediately after 9-11 while we were down, they would have put us on our knees completely or delivered the killer blow at that time ...

On the other side of that coin, the Bush/CIA/Mossad boys thought that they could goad the Arab World into doing the rest of their dirty work for them. The attacks upon Afghanistan, and Iraq, even though nothing definitive in the nature of evidence of involvement has surfaced, were actually planned to stir the Islamic world into commiting terrorist acts that would cause chaos allowing the Bush scum to implement martial law ... so far the Arabs are winning this war of wills ... and deservedly so !


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