It's a party or how about one day for your country.

It's a party or how about one day for your country.
Thu Aug 19, 2004 12:44

Subject: One Million to Protest Bush?


Posted By: billym
Date: Thursday, 19 August 2004, 12:00 a.m.

One Million to Protest Bush?

The right to peacfully assemble is guaranteed by the U. S. Constitution. Along with many other items in the Constitution that right has been gradually slipping away under the assault of the Elites and Oligarchs (Bush administration). Any protest against a presidential visit is forced into places out of sight of the president. Protesters at the Democratic convention were offered a "cage" to protest in which resembled a concentration camp. Now the fight is on again for protest rights in New York city during the Republican convention. Protesters were refused the right to assemble in Central Park and offered a thin strip of land along the West Side Highway instead. Now On Tuesday August 10th United for Peace and Justice has declined that offer and is again pushing for a Central Park rally.

Battle for Aug 29 NYC Central Park rally permit renewed
West Side Highway location rejected

"Exiling a rally to a remote sun-baked highway makes a mockery of the right to assemble," declared Leslie Cagan, UFPJ's national coordinator. New permit applications were filed with the NYC Parks Department for a massive rally in Central Park, but the permit was quickly rejected by the city by the end of the day.
... "We see this as part of an overall clamping down on protest and civil liberties in our country since 9/11. This is something that cannot be allowed to continue," declared Tanya Mayo, Not in Our Name national organizer.

Not in Our Name is now re-doubling our efforts to pressure the Bloomberg/Bush administration to respect the right to dissent by granting a legal permit for the Aug 29 rally in Central Park. "We need the most massive outpouring of opposition to the whole direction Bush and his team are taking our country, and our world-a massive NO! to the entire agenda. It has to be so loud, so clear, and so forceful that it cannot be obscured, covered over, or misrepresented. Everyone who cares about the future of humanity‚€¶ Central Park, August 29th is THE PLACE TO BE!" urged Tanya Mayo.

In another story it is said that a million people are expected to take part in protests against the Bush administration during the Republican convention.

Over 1,000,000 Anti-War Protestors Planning To Disrupt Republican National Convention in New York

In just three weeks, thousands of Republican delegates from around America will descend upon New York City for the 2004 Republican National Convention.
While convention delegates will announce their support for the re-election of President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, another constituency will also be making its way to New York with a very different agenda.

Anti-war organizations have been planning for several months to organize the largest anti-war rally in U.S. history. And thousands of these "Blame America First" organizers have already arrived in New York, conducting meetings on how to disrupt the Republican National Convention and sabotage the message of support for our troops and the war on terrorism.

By the time the convention starts, organizers hope to have upwards of 1 Million anti-war protestors on hand to disrupt the convention - including promises of acts of civil disobedience and violence.

The article lists a number of websites where the coming protests and rallies can be monitored. Even more at stake than the war issues is the issue of the Constitutional right to assemble itself.
"The re-escalation of the war in Iraq challenges us to strengthen our opposition to the US occupation."
"A radical affront to democracy calls for a radical response. On Tuesday, August 31st, a day of non-violent civil disobedience and direct action will begin."
"‚€¶the protests around the 2004 Republican Convention are likely to be the largest in history."
‚€¶activists are circling their welcome wagons, predicting "a battle for ground zero," a "Burning Man festival for the city," "a political disaster," "a disciplined, organized protest," "a culture war"-five days that are "part blackout, part Woodstock," "worse than Miami," "better than Seattle," "our Chicago '68."
Has "apologized" to the people of Iraq for U.S. military action. Plans to join NYC protests to oppose "endless wars and oppression."
Plans to cover buildings throughout New York City with anti-war posters.
Monitoring security procedures and items prohibited from bringing in to the RNC convention - urges supporters to work around these rules, follow and harass and intimidate convention delegates. Also urges members to occupy housing arrangements made by pro-troop organization "Protest Warrior."


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