David J. Smith for Profit NOT Prophet

Jackson Stonewall
David J. Smith for Profit NOT Prophet
Thu Aug 19, 2004 13:49

David J. Smith for Profit NOT Prophet

Many folks have heard of David J. Smith of Newswatch Magazine fame. Many folks listen to him on shortwave daily, I have for years. Smith preaches he is a prophet of God and has been called to head an "ingathering" of saints in western states. Although Smith does deliver with conspiracy theory, and really does expose much of the nasty stuff being done by the government and “ New World Order crowd, he is at best an internet prophet.
Definition: Internet Prophet; One who surf the internet gathering information and “reveals” things going on. Many such “Prophets” were early comers to the Internet revealing information gathered to those not familiar with the abundance of information available.
Smith is quick to sell you his latest video, taped message, or even CD of his latest message at considerable prophet for his 501(c) 3 ministry, although Smith denied corporate status on several occasions.
I have in my possession documents from the state of Texas recognizing corporate status of his Church of God Evangelical Association. Also documents from the 21st Judicial Circuit Court of St Louis Missouri dated Thursday 9-23 93 filed with Patricia Tobias Clerk of Court case # 619104 for the divorce and separation notice between David J. Smith and Linda M. Smith awarding Lost Valley Lake Resort and $152.78 maintenance payment per month for 36 months.
What is the point? He married his now wife Brenda Smith October 17, 1991 two years before this separation order and divorce. This is bigamy, illegal in all 50 states!
This is an excerpt from the print version of Newswatch Magazine:
Are you willing to see 20 million Texas citizens be turned over to a Socialist/Communist/United Nations one-world-government where millions will be imprisoned and killed by Russian UN Peacekeeping troops? Do you know that those in charge have written down on paper that they will kill Congressmen/women as the first category? You are on their list!!! Even if you think the UN government is wonderful, have you ever read and studied their final plans? THEY CANNOT ALLOW OUR RULERS TO LIVE BECAUSE THEY MAY NOT BE WILLING TO SEE MASS KILLINGS OF THOSE WHO WILL NOT ACCEPT THEIR NEW GOVERNMENT OF COMMUNISM!
Will you contact those at the Republic of Texas office to consider leading Texas to independence before it is too late? Call Richard L. McLaren at 915-426-2210 or Fax him at 915-426-3705.4

Smith was questioned by a court as well as FBI about his involvement with the Republic of Texas, he was threatened with loss of tax-exempt status of his church. In return for his keeping tax-free status he gave FBI access to his mailing list and continues to provide information about his congregation to authorities that might ask.
It Might also be noted his move to Texas was not prompted by a message from God for an “ingathering” but rather of loss of members in church (down to just 2 at one time) because of his marital situation, bigamy and immoral situation.
Be sure and send in those donations by Visa, Master Card, and etc. putting yourself in unscriptural bondage to the lender, to David J. Smith for Profit NOT Prophet. As preached in his messages daily
Jackson Stonewall

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